GMA LIVE! (5.27.14)

Ginger Zee, Mara Schiavocampo, and Gio Benitez ring in summer with some out-of-the-park hot dog recipes.
18:05 | 05/27/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (5.27.14)
Get ready for some GMA live it all starts now. Live backstage it. Yeah like that's. Night. Get fat again -- and CMA lion you can watch -- every morning Good Morning America that come here and my account no active. Joining me if you -- come Seattle comp we had a little trouble with that this morning right at a lot of people deal and it's funny about hear them asking people will be asking. Again and and so Michael is doing that earlier any -- not -- -- know I have to say it later and he was Rowland with this so we have some of the tape that -- kind of Obama but that the normal issue -- away. Happened -- what happens is and he even said that because it is my first time we're going members are meeting in great the -- -- -- with my last name he said it perfectly good life great. Soon as we go to start to does that mean people get a little tongue tied to put a lot of pressure yeah I got -- tumble onto you know that's I changed mine minor acting is Nike skinny men in meteorologist ginger is -- game that's -- -- -- all -- that -- did you I was -- radio for estimates at first small takes your entire time to Julian that. And now it's just not gonna work -- about six letters and was left with the I can definitely definitely. If -- later -- asked -- justice heat yeah march ski Marky Mark mark. -- -- I won't get on -- but with -- -- with about summer fitness. Yes this summer is coming back home my and residents of weeks away anyhow weekend had a lot of -- -- of the month to that client out of -- you -- think I don't different types of workouts at my wedding is right around the corner whenever I can I've been working sometimes. -- -- -- they can't look back and taxed I'm losing my mind. Andreotti I think my. Having some like it I think it is it's a combination I get really angry because I wanna have you know a lot of the good -- and then worst kind of holding that -- get angry and hungry all the same time. And then the work out I just can't get in the -- I want you can't do it -- -- the -- -- his body workout full lineup his view. You really good so we worked out with celebrity trainer and a Kaiser and she works with Kelly -- she we're actually goes -- You can give us this interval workouts combines Carty others Bacardi -- with all of these strength. She also gave -- tips for eating no -- alcohol it's just about killed me especially on a holiday weekend. And five small meals a day and -- fantastic I lost three pounds of route one of the other girls five pounds yep and a week one lost inches. Is it really just. Kicks you can feel it here did you feel I feel really good the five meals a day -- Genius because you're never hungry. And the -- gambler trying to going to be a little hungry but yes. How to act act act as about it went really leftists on hollow looks great you look okay now we all our summer and beach body inspired and Elian but the -- of the very special play of the day. Coming from Grand -- central high school in North Dakota. It's one of our favorite we love these videos and it was their graduation and for Taylor craft and it was going to be as bittersweet moment happening graduating. But also missing her dad who is in the air force and often deployed overseas from -- sun and but even had a cardboard cut out of dad readied itself. But take a look at the moment Taylor realizes she would not be celebrating without a cut up. -- It. I'm I am now proud Taylor's dad that's Chris craft and he -- -- surprising -- his entire family didn't know either which is huge. Since I was three years old her dad has been away -- this for a total of 1782. Days on nine different deployments. This one assists last -- that's coming home -- -- about how. Much -- -- birthdays and Christmas -- special events. -- serving his country in the midst and to be able to be there for that's it's fantastic and he is now retiring so no more deployments -- They content make up for lost time. Until last year baby -- graduate what a special moment to make -- -- yes he makes up for a lot since Munich over the at any moment like a little extra pop the news this morning to you remember. Brad Pitt doing -- -- number five commercial. In the area where there are a lot of people who didn't get it was an election hard to wrap your head around -- in this game. The so now he's being have a place -- Gisele Bundchen and just not supermodel anxious. Like that's something they could've done it. It out when it first started today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Arming hitting well and that's just going to be they're calling they're just gets scared to tell which is not a Tenet will be great -- that's the thing is Brad had to that's too much quote just to me that when I was really the issue of the -- the still spotting a soft. I heard that Ross in the control room doesn't really good it. Version of that original -- yeah. -- -- let's hear it paid for it he doesn't have real science motivations of these -- normally I'm on your Brad had to sort. It's not a -- -- -- -- The world terrorists we turn -- -- out. -- long ago. The sad part is I can imagine -- in the -- in your bathroom near practicing that. You now. And I am totally get yeah currently it is did this and it might be released today that on command is ninety down and that's -- of his practice day GAAP weighted dollar us. -- -- -- -- Unless act maybe not tired of rusting that didn't hear all of kind of tired from the long Memorial Day weekend and over again are unaware of -- -- -- -- with the diet yet. And -- could be adorable puppies that we're about to show you. It will only be powerless all of their cuteness and yes yawning is contagious so watch yourself here is you see these puppy is. -- look. Okay. Well well. -- -- yellow lab. Enjoying -- -- at the -- and O'Connor and you had never ceases to amaze me we will watch baby animals do anything yeah sleeping on and block -- around. Things just that we never get tired of it -- their baby animals off and right into the camera to make. So happy -- be -- if you watch things like this but it's really really cute it like boost your happiness for the day. We -- -- a little happiness that's -- this morning welcome Dick -- I don't know what I think the happy -- opening sending to. Its glare look. -- -- -- -- CNN as we're doing okay Aurora hello and ZLX quick talk about this we think he's used to it that it. -- -- And -- -- anybody -- -- that's a piece on this morning -- -- -- not on rip -- and going way off -- here have gotten ahead despite talk about the -- he -- rip currents last year. How does that play -- You know it -- pulls it. Yeah obviously didn't need an experience like that more that that with good morning to -- it was -- morning. That's a hard practice -- they're usually -- the afternoon we have these times -- -- right right prior right but you do feel it in the morning you feel any benefits we have been what's the what's the point of the story is that even if these rip currents are weak. We have these little kids might be out there. And they can't -- All the way getting that kidney definitely can't feel that sand at the bottom and that's and that's what we're -- -- dangerous when they're not being able to fuel that could hand perhaps including. And I -- this story I've done a story. Pretty much every year of my life since I live if you. Again the time it happened yeah it happens in the Great Lakes to in the right what I want to get hot because of something we never -- the big picture we tell the story they're like notion that a good thing in the -- Not and and boys in the in their teenage years diet Lake Michigan every year it's such a huge -- such fun to get that -- -- any measure -- -- what you said is where as a parent really scares me is that your kid could be up consuming and they could know how to swim right. -- good swimmers and still in their -- That's when you're dealing with I mean that listen -- a strong guy and -- it was hard once you can't feel less and forget about -- and and if you don't know I mean it. It instinctively. You want to sort of swim to shore that's what you want to do. And that's the wrong choice because he wanted to sort of swim parallel or perhaps even diagonally so that that what you're getting out of the rip current and you're getting short quickly. Police say -- strong guys didn't buy any mention attic and getting some attention -- -- -- and I'm. Yeah Biggio and -- shirt guy and yeah it will use of talks -- Allan Oliver GMA viewers -- -- -- back to remind you that it is up let me read about it yeah. Yeah sorry and if they re now happen. I've got to have serious topics. -- very well that yes I hadn't been very -- until the final event the next level theories are right where it's not and here's that no this is cool because this is our first Google+ hanging out. -- -- A lot of us have been there in Arkansas I don't know -- -- -- -- look at -- and I think he's gonna pop up on the screen can we wrote it. Maybe -- Kevin Magee just turn it around I didn't quite hear from here into the LK here have been paid telling you don't see -- -- idea of -- live here. And isn't -- yeah and it's like -- the dominant enough for -- I think for some people it's it's but it's very easy that's right. Because what's what's cool is that we're able to have a conversation back to -- Is he's he's graduating -- -- year out he was asking for some advice and some TV -- graduating from. College from college yeah. And what you did you put a -- on. The dumbest story ripped I -- Now that's crazy they look like -- every one that's not rising -- and there's there's quite a few people on here right now also muzzle all talk to them and -- and it conversations -- individually -- happening and Paulina. They can happen individually or we can broadcast everybody so there we go digital broadcasting. Everybody has saying well look deeper and everybody's waving -- you think possibly eat the heck yeah and -- an imminent and real and then -- tomorrow over here. The it's. Scandal comeback there still. The that I. Perfect but I think yeah a lot of it is very cool old Evan my advice do you enjoy your last year of school right and you think about -- No picnic. And with her inability to pay down again -- and Nancy -- -- -- -- yeah. Our guys I got an idea right now hey don't look it's not funny to have kids hang and I was just eating. Slips. Google hang out people who -- here the idea. It's virtually eating -- and Leslie -- is -- course nothing says summer like. The hot dog the Clinton's hot dog it is a classic win and that we have here some we what do we know is -- -- honor and -- Tell us about the good fortune with a definitive lots it's a new book and that we wrote. -- We didn't because there was no book of creative have to -- isn't just. -- -- we had to do with the added it has an obligation yes it was an obligation exactly right we took they have for the team right wingers out -- loudly development forty recipes. Aren't some of which can show you here today. And when you talk about hot dogs in the summer. Seven billion hot dogs are consumed in America. -- -- June July and August is that counting on. -- that contest. -- yeah. 810. That's second floor will have. Cameras and he's another as it's currently has -- -- you don't want it isn't only out that's what happens. I think when they -- yeah. And -- yeah. Think that they didn't get this together and I have -- Atlanta well. I think let's start with this. And this came from my favorite lunches and school hot dogs and sloppy -- That we created this sloppy job top Democrat -- yes the video and that's why I'm a little worried about you not -- write about it. It's a really simple to make easy to make sloppy Joseph Max know can you make it off from scratch with a few ingredients ground beef and onions peppers garlic ketchup believe it or not little round -- it's totally the lesson that we thought that -- would top it off. With some monster -- you know it's cool I want. -- over a -- saying. Please do so this week like here cafeteria. Of the -- -- yes -- third or twenty yeah. But I don't want. But I don't like lady required loves it -- lunch lady. And then. -- -- Arlington we gonna -- -- I don't know well today and I -- there's another one the most Tiki terrier. Manner this cheeks Terri Aaron -- Polynesia. And inspired. It's it's and he will -- It's and well in your -- it's a lovely Little Rock your album it is no cheese -- can't find the best and so did -- Terry here is -- half -- that we Mary out of touch with the marinade and. It's cool the cookies miracle and I know we -- -- -- -- -- and a homey teriyaki sauce. Which is soy sauce to go ahead as an orange -- with -- -- sesame oil and you wouldn't think legitimate need -- de Jesus doesn't just clients after the labor please. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Within that area right -- flavor of the into the -- it's about god and the pineapple. Army has an Israeli assault the next regular he heard that the best assessment is a little bit displays so you're saying -- -- itself has been the difference and get my after yet hasn't even -- I'm that died as marinated -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Give me two of them just passed up more down -- -- and you know -- please do you mean yeah we have we've heard that you have made -- a hot dog Jack is -- yeah. Here again and problems sometimes we created for -- is right here and it isn't good -- how to walk the dog a lot of time yet the man to recommend they strength and try to take -- breakfast aren't you. It's it's it's it's a breakfast. Basically to -- -- -- we hollow it out inside. We have some -- days. Peppers. Peppers onions from its American -- and of course it's -- My caps that trend that we yeah. Well -- All three of us are not talking that's right yeah. Well -- -- every minute you show you have the -- Rangoon. So you can't crab Rangoon -- Chinese restaurant thanks let's forget about that because once you've had -- -- nothing will ever be it's Panama and what we did here. Can't get hit in the -- -- -- and I know. So what it is it's taken quite get kind of kind of weight -- that is what it is it's. We take roasted garlic. Some ginger and scallions make a paste out of it gonna want to once again -- he's a piece about her dog will look cocktail we need. -- -- And and that's you have then and we have been -- -- -- -- -- Us proud please are you confront together for an appetizer few unexpected -- -- really just minutes so that was great that they're great for cocktail party don't tell us what it is eleven -- wouldn't be. An underdog that -- -- the -- -- fantastic what do you think that we started the show with a fitness segments without batting an amount that all I love how puppies we have that we can't. I'm glad that I have and that it cannot -- And I can -- -- -- -- who does not -- Do not know I'm yeah. -- a union then you know -- look at the -- Poland. It's it's it's Hollywood's favorite spot -- I don't I don't yeah and what we did is we took a hot dog. We did -- beer batter and then we Friday. And on top of buildings we put after he left about lines salsa and other -- -- up again. Okay this is a city -- and -- we actually meet with -- Tito's -- for a little bit of yeah. Savings kick to have had this is all these recipes are in -- all of them -- in the -- -- well aware of kindness. You can find anywhere but ourselves if you -- it's not good ending. Yeah it's like drinking a Margarita and eating -- -- and I think that and that he found that it's enough strength perfect talent I think it's yeah. Earlier people are very own custom made. And I. There have been that they are -- and then you can join us right here GM in line everyday 9 AM eastern.

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