'GMA LIVE!' (6.25.14)

Rue La La's fashion director Jackie Nasser has some summer looks for you and your home.
14:42 | 06/25/14

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Transcript for 'GMA LIVE!' (6.25.14)
Get ready for some GMA lives. It all starts now live -- stated she. And in the yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The created quite a stir on center it was there she has is -- tam edition -- They also double as a weapon -- spikes on and thereby get any trouble on the streets of New York. -- -- -- -- mocking that they Healy got a guy who couldn't attend school and have a group like that and they were really really affordable nearly twenty dollars when we gotta love that. Yes they deal and going to be asking details to have. As you wanna do real quickly because we and a huge star studded cast on day on the showed earlier today I mean. And I have to say I want and no secret Beverly Hills now to -- -- one of my favorites of all time -- friends -- money ecstatic. That and -- -- night he was a line producer there on the show Storm Chasers and Amazon okay. And we responds yeah yeah. The front and no excuse Scott usually get at the same thing of getting and is extra special -- sent today to cut and running -- to start source storm chasing and it's downtime in South Dakota. And fill him and I start talking and Beverly Hills that's one -- is a shared love. And then me -- -- commodity trend -- and yeah. I have said this morning and yesterday -- lake they're coming tomorrow -- victorians and me. Yeah last minute here yeah everything you -- -- -- -- there was. Yeah we have many -- actually very very very interesting felt that welcome and I can't thank you want and what should I. Yes yes of them and they wanted to list now we have like the display was much Fuller. But people from you know that the staff of the crew have been picking those things than just a little longer than -- -- -- that's -- -- here for a minute I'm Nancy he's around thank you -- thank you letting Antonio -- We got pictures -- it is okay professor IRA so you guys -- a couple of days while we talk about -- because. National -- -- high today national wouldn't Friday don't know when they look up this morning get in there we don't know the flavor is exactly of them are you can. Ellen yeah how about our rights the national will be Friday courtesy of Elizabeth bison bakery and coincidentally look like it's Elizabeth's birthday -- I think you need to make a cameo here birthday girl. Who better to tell us about the would be tied and the woman behind me that we have on the set here OK so first of all what is -- -- -- Is psychic cupcakes -- -- -- moms against -- Kate Clegg could he is with some kind of -- in the middle. OK and you have some really unique -- right we kind of took. And traditional look the -- and updating -- finished. You know our little twist on it and have made some really creative cleaners from its lending siege to -- the sugar -- -- yet. So -- up on the -- -- -- -- recommend that I haven't I've never had -- -- you never want me my first movie -- experience I've now got a -- here but I'm. Tiny goat cheese is great -- okay -- the could be easing Credo I'm gonna stick but let's say for bad yeah they really do you sounds fantastic let me do a bunch of flavors that are more kid friendly and then some that are a lot more you know adults. I think it's really -- news media love addict parent -- around women in its current and any easy we're -- eat cake. -- -- -- worry about. I'd even call that could be put the filling in the middle yeah I'm sure talk government you know let's just keep on TV yeah. But look. I think the answer yeah every -- -- -- -- Fatter and I cried during the summertime -- -- -- out. Lot of college students are looking for internships -- and -- your -- the card actually ends and maybe a block of Courtney. Now not important haven't you know well it's easy to get -- -- -- -- -- are looking for interns they tweeted out to their thirty plus million followers. You're looking for people who have window display experience for their dash boutique here in New York. Fashion students obviously might have an edge on this -- and dressing up the windows for dash and -- -- -- haven't. Army from the intends to go the applications Howard because -- -- going million -- of the 32 million followers we imagined. Quite a few applications that we would love to help them out by offering some of our own -- but they're busy today because speaking of window displays. -- we have an interesting when they play therapy and we keep them just like that right this just for our own amusement and breaking news. Good job -- not happened and many in this money hello everybody Anthony -- I -- -- and other Tibet and the yeah and then you know let -- -- pay interns check this out I did that years ago -- here on the right and the right path that's me. In a window. And that would be ninetieth. Your buddy check out construction -- and yet. I and I am still modeling. The limited -- with my friend Allison -- -- than -- -- Opening the till the floods aware of within the -- employee UN it was so much fun so yes now your career has barely begun. Let me tell you look much more classic than I did in my ripped jeans and and construction -- -- Remember -- -- -- home contests so we let me show that you guys LA is much yet as to what we're all learning right -- -- hit a good lesson about. What we call a time. We're thrilled I'm going to do one to our next segment and the magic of television. And a -- myself to dinner. Thanks so much me summer is officially here is -- out of time to get a little style other faith and it doesn't rule out on. Fashion director Jackie Nasser has got a sneak -- at -- Brand new -- looks not just for yield. But for your homes they take everything from clothing to home to collect -- you for being here thanks for how excited to show you what we have today greatest threat really he actually -- here since that's the -- part of it definitely. This is all about the date should be seeing it here so it's easy breezy. Relaxed -- seen this is what I call highlighting yellow great college to Wear -- -- it's important when you're entertaining for the base to keep things they seek so we have. Abbas face sitting here at an -- -- it's very. Relaxed casual and most importantly comfortable give me some great Ohio house of collar sandals which are really on a trend some are. And -- great carry all strolled back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I think the great way to stop at the table setting is a basic and why do you know where think that is a little black dress or -- white T shirt from. The -- equivalents that's your foundation. Clinically Nixon -- play with everything we bought some elements from the outside could do to really -- at least five. We have some oyster shells to hold the -- pets are -- really really cool heads and really that he announcer this is little tightness. Beautiful on the -- -- around while we did it. Get some oklahomans for HI themselves and and not only -- -- this is look one billion dollars each Natalie clothing -- home to cooler and you have something called the V dressing room. And that's where people can. Yes to the dressing room in both of these -- potted -- it's taking you seriously doing on rely Lofton and it basically combines the viewer Holland manufactured together so. If you love a certain triangle being like the -- -- the country but made -- if it easy to -- about it this way no way to to find you way to shop till it got beach down but we should -- country. I'll take -- place to back. I'm identity and they check. And when we have to lets you -- starts against aware that I was gonna -- the specs we don't get confused looks so when I think of the country I think of all American -- Chris why it's shades of blue and even a puppet brand. And they -- it's great it's not really -- at all you can go straight from the -- -- market to entertain in this outdated. Otherwise saying you can do this and then you get an idea. What it looks like OK it's a statement to the farmer's market gets an entertaining you don't have to get changed at high Sherrod is a must have ever want to have won an award from this summer you can -- -- -- -- Maxi dress you can. -- at the waist and -- the sleeves like we had Piaf. Really chic. Really cute and then some not so basic denim shorts that he had a little extra coverage thing irregular cut -- -- highways. The scholar pan gives it a little bit as interests in. And of course an amazing carry -- that again takes you from the promise not get straight to deny that stays on her shoulder lap but -- -- -- -- At exit from the that this does look much more country at -- each but sell when so refined at the same time. Can't we want to keep this really classy really traditional really chic. Have fun with you greenery with black which is a really -- toxin Rosemary sprigs here whether napkins. They look really chic but they also smell amazing -- -- -- smell it. I don't really nice touch -- moves solutions smells really -- -- your table. And then most of just thinking outside the box like this correct we have -- the to be ladies that feel lemonade out of the water and it didn't put freshly cut flowers in -- find things that you already have that can play double -- okay. Patton I think and even some banks may be even a wine bottle for -- -- exactly yes. While I'm really learning here. Decking that Saturday from grew out -- Laden's thank you so much anywhere get a giving us a sneak peek at the latest summit looks at I would try each of these per day I'm -- put on the clothing Aniston from -- -- And then you're gonna tell me which one you like better on is to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- keep checking your love love for their new rolling -- summer. All summer along you're gonna have new looks I'm assuming yes every month the -- he's -- -- thank yeah. -- -- -- -- -- me again. And did you do that more often celebrity and -- at Randolph -- the country and the sun and by far the -- look. Right here on -- -- one out so thank you. From voting on his -- that are almost fun places where it's just silly and have been for the platter really flat again hammered traditional. You know we'll work really well and both are farmers markets and -- night movies copying and. -- -- it's my weekend's national actually -- -- this is but Villa. They're like yeah very obvious reasons so we love having -- here and we have more -- here and then -- -- -- any infant that. Every -- out here -- with the burden county animal shelter correct I can tell us about why you're here with obvious kitty well we're celebrating American humane association. Hasn't. National event called adopt a -- much. So we're celebrating -- -- -- months. In June and -- -- my -- yes. So we want to close them about lots of -- absolutely in June as the night where we get the most cats and kittens in the sheltered nationalize banks just so thankful that I would they have bad PR because a lot of people think that there mean they're standoffish but wonderful out of Catholic. Wonderful pets they're there actually the best pet for your working household where you have a busy schedules. Because they can be very independent you can come home -- -- sleep on the bed with you when they take minimum minimum care. And what should someone out there considering adopting -- -- They should have some minimum requirements as far as their -- -- and food and water. We recommend along with the American made his decision yet to. So -- you didn't -- -- mental stimulation and that keeps them active -- getting. Plus -- hanging a flag. Yeah but then they keep each other conference he seemed very calm but people should know they're -- -- -- emotion out give that up front about it. I kittens have a lot of energy that's why first we do a lot of adoptions with seniors and we adopt cats we've -- overcast seniors does that work really well. And so what's your -- all these guys -- of grownups -- all these are up for adoption. The shelters -- -- from one to five every day. -- around anywhere yeah that's what I'm name. We know that rose equipment that -- the -- of -- -- how old Eddie Eddie bringing him risky approach. -- yeah. -- Look how -- -- got kids are very special that's that activity yeah eight yeah. I'll get a half -- do well -- that way please stop by itself and visit us and we're also going to be doing. If you adopt one of the cities or get another 13 -- -- it will keep the -- the company has nothing and can give people check them out online I think -- -- profile we do most of our cats -- -- -- the -- get adopted brother quickly so we don't post them up up -- as we have about a hundred. In the building right now hundred catches a hundred kittens kittens we'll have a higher undercount we -- all 200 cats and -- 300 kids and I don't have good. In the back to do with the time here and I think that's why we're here yet mostly kittens -- in in June and July OK stand so we're we're inundated with a -- -- right now FM we like to. Anything. Yeah. -- -- That image happen. Aren't you ever think -- -- so there you know how does little guys get aren't the shelter and adopt plus I'm a Catholic and -- anything love cats and tonight London so much I just can't. -- sneezing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You is in their. -- could -- little prettier tomorrow 9 AM eastern and every day thanks for being with us.

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