GMA LIVE! (7.03.14)

CEO of Rockit Ranch Productions, @BillyDec, co-hosts with Ginger Zee, Ryan Smith and Sara Haines.
18:18 | 07/03/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (7.03.14)
Get ready for some GMA -- it all starts now live -- -- GMA. On the cards and they all -- I am hi I'm cupcake right now. Make varying taste of sweet and gradualist and that he. He's so my world you think about what she did take everything well I guess I didn't think right before -- how what would make this prettier than it would be I'll bet cupcakes on around music. While Yang is looking at how -- anything that makes it better -- shooting. Tell -- -- in genetic and -- an app I use -- -- yeah you lighting needs -- instead -- coveted top I was thinking convinced that you. Would you do ours I can aren't the kind. So tonight at 9 AM competitors here Brian not -- at the end -- -- They pretty much I love this president there from Chicago. And that's it yeah about a ten earlier take out. Is entirely way overblown but I appreciate letting and I really appreciate it. Well he has vast a couple of wedding tree I don't I -- your wedding and you have one and not back. So you know it's kind of celebratory season and holiday and I thought something should be sweet -- -- I didn't know you're -- make entire cakes before I got here. And -- -- like does -- -- and -- like burgers and be like trees down insulting -- -- suite with a savory. Well we'll be of no -- -- -- everything. Hello yeah. Good morning still quite an audience. For the Thursday before the fourth of July and it's exciting day for me. This sounds that -- but we have our first named hurricane. Hits -- -- play here -- Are there no I don't there is probably not a good thing the -- because especially the rainfall and very heavy winds especially North Carolina tonight going to be. Rob that the coast surface going to be rough but I keep telling everybody the great -- this this moves past everyone feels like its alliance here all weekend -- and now. If -- in the Carolina's next 24 hours -- -- many of them really nice seven if you northeast with a cold front of the green and you kind of flat. I had to circle around Pittsburgh because I couldn't get here. But my question is if it moves fast and it's really strong it's really intimidating who names these things like our third or not our president -- -- -- -- that is a brake by wire they called like four or Hercules. Or -- -- -- I would run and really get it. It regularly discovering that you do something different that make our house I'm Andy -- -- -- your -- -- I'll just walk yet and it. I I Zeneca from the Philippines -- voluntary and I was helping typhoon high on victims when I got there no one could tell me where to go because they don't cause that there because. Typhoon -- Wanda who -- -- and how does that make they have different names and well. They should all the have a someone and that's a different reason but I do have something -- -- -- to do when we have a weather question it is. -- -- I yeah. Everytime I hear I would ask you whether Clinton doesn't like that insurance commercial like you colony -- -- -- and I tell have they found out. Anyways -- is there is an organization that means all of them for the last thirty years it's -- all -- downing since the seven days. And and it's just a blink of names it's like I'm just put in a bank and they get rotated and -- they do enough damage to give -- hired. Like a retired Jersey else comments on wow look at what would -- entire street rally right we will -- -- again answer the first boy named. Well different and the -- so. The last thirty years they've added now -- now means no more than a volcano which at -- that was -- -- true hiring them how to Billy you. President Larry and I now cannot retire -- Samantha talking -- a belly now it's not doing nothing imminent it resident Barbara how -- -- -- -- -- equipment that none of them and thank him and once they get disease that they go to alpha beta and we found that -- -- -- him. So yes -- Monte Cassini we want to ask -- -- -- -- sad that there had been an unused rooms well. Kind of sneaks and it's such a strong mean I was like mom that's really saying that -- Thank you didn't get stronger earnings beating me oh yeah. -- -- yes it's interesting what happens to the names afterward when the babies named after that decline in the name. -- right in Maine that I really put it out and it goes up hurricane comes -- goes -- you. We'll actually see an animated Veba we're so glad that you may thank you so much and especially up throwback Thursday since they're celebrating America's independence. We asked why not -- little patriotic TVT. We ask February that they send -- -- our first think they're coming from telling Marines they sent us on this informal news I love this lineup her and her sister holding from the American flag. -- I love that our next one comes from David -- Bob -- -- The senate this picture he is Stanley rocket -- lady liberty have basic fact that I got kids she. Still you love anybody and I -- -- -- -- the next picture and next Caro 18% of -- -- -- cheeky and -- -- both look so proud to be wearing the stars and stripes. And it's not the fourth about a little fireworks check out this one -- last eighteen which comes from. He sure our cash and warrants -- sent us this pick of two little kids performing their patriotic spark cooler -- -- I was born under the warm -- -- -- -- They were like benefits -- and -- -- they can figure out do you an idea that maybe they didn't even though they didn't fire -- yeah I -- all day Andrea being involved but it was like the safeties are -- Yes we are a lot of yeah I everything -- clean. -- it -- probably -- not yet I do if I had my results I love our partners. And but he did share -- -- Your photos with us we're so glad for that but -- -- we have to share in the eyes some of its nine and yeah I am -- arguing the funny you know wrapping it around to -- your -- we came back from seeing my aunts and -- issues in guys and dolls and my brother and I were so inspired -- that we want to be on Broadway and and so we -- -- dots and that we put a bunch of crap -- -- that grounds that it had shot and that was news I mean the best part -- if you look just above that they prophet out but it suspect the top of -- bunk -- good. That I -- He replaces -- Jared yeah eighty C I didn't but after that photo was taken actually signed the card I believe that we made some like playing Cardiff free seven and I -- it ginger Lee. Which -- hosting that I was taking in. -- -- We're more than we honestly value anything at this point yeah. And up close look it's funny this is actually on fourth of -- yeah. -- wanted to ask you need pictures and I went back to eighteen I'm. -- -- and -- -- a door a little bit fat -- not only one. Knows it but that's was our -- like tradition there's a small country club in our town he's. Flocked there there -- a mile run he threw money in a plea deal for big splash contest raft races it was like every year I still think about it and -- That the only big -- out teetering out probably like when I was in college is now probably -- -- defibrillator. If I know it has really slowed down but it's like that we all right each other friends downtown like do you remember that -- you know didn't sound good in an antidepressant and that's I want nothing -- I did finish the race after -- was promised a teacher and I got one good. 1 viewer winner I wouldn't participate and here's mine and incidents since -- Did you eat the port is glad this is what happens stilted as game and a quick cooking show in front of my face -- knowing you're here and -- matter. Make of the big battle over yeah -- -- -- not money every bit at a frosting all over my suit. After I made the case to some of your hand yeah nothing's changed hands up these little fun that's me like five years old and -- but -- -- Sweetheart -- and billions of one. -- -- -- -- -- -- The picture I -- it again and by the way why why -- they give us props back -- like yeah. Not a real phone when I'm like give them the collar is smooth and that's why I actually like a couple of my holiday not your father's picture looks very like -- to me that that -- it was maintenance. I'm in by the way kids these days they don't even know what that thing is I -- -- I think it's a lot almanac that's when their kids with and what do you even know what that is you know what that is. What he's holding his -- but that picture back up again. A phone. And dial that could -- -- acted out. You know there. What did and it really is gonna you're -- -- -- -- you can go to guy who kept out of -- dating her son back big growth. They don't wait for all the way back like now clearly would today's version they would they like -- -- down like -- didn't like they don't they don't even have a and -- way. And I thank you so much this year this hello Eric -- that's. This fourth of July about ten years ago I don't -- -- -- You call her brother tonight and we do have one last month from art scene this -- is their producer big -- yes. Okay -- what are you -- -- -- I know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah here and -- A lot that was that was he tries to. Embarrassed my mom statement those late eighty I -- -- the -- -- -- It was it was a new group that I saw it would be very you put undershirt and another one got caught there in the right handling this leads us. Our next segment -- -- Wow that's what my way I'd -- -- yeah yeah yeah I did a great segue to our next topic now yeah. About it so I had my wedding that -- you're up next and a person present that investment grade as a -- have. Owner -- does have some tips for us because I'm sure you've seen that one or two dollars and about the on the Internet when you see those -- -- failed pictures are human real time. I don't understand is here to kind of save you -- not they have an extra but I CL we have to really nice restaurants bars and nightclubs they'll come through in big cords. But things are changed since August lately you know what the changes far. -- Africa and -- new trends okay. So the first one is back in the day you remember everywhere these like loud. Matching outfits like matching T shirts they also the same day may be wearing the glow in the dark side that's not how the panel -- it is actually did so instead of necessarily. All wearing like the traditional like that's like TV show black dress. And matching T shirts -- of an epic saving for the -- and Mike for the beach in -- shopping in the whatever that beauty days but at night. Fat people are actually getting dressed up and it's not just like when anyone. So it will cost up I have to say I'm kind of excited about that because of the -- and -- -- is an. You're buying -- I have mercy on Hazen -- -- yeah -- -- and yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah jobs. The other thing is that a lot of props are starting to go away if it. You know like what kind of well you know like crazy we gauge like bouquets of of lollipops with that you sought that are like. Are inappropriate. -- perhaps or things. Anytime your senator that you can Broadway I didn't keep saying all yeah Medicaid and donations that you could make a specific taken a -- informed they have those and right I don't know about. Those undecided about things -- people are bringing into our venues and other venues around the country there's less. Amounts of stuff like dolls and things and there's -- -- -- Isn't out yet so blessed and articles that went what you people bringing nothing so -- They might they are actually coming up a little more class up -- saving it for the places that are just about sort of act crazy experience. Now this one's a very important once begin going to places where you're supposed to go with this what you want if this is what you want -- compared to. How -- until later -- So gags I have to say I'm absolutely against. -- -- -- -- -- -- So you don't gags here is RR RR Lester was like -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah people go to the actual club. -- -- -- -- The days of having them to show up at the restaurant not so much anymore licensing issues have like shut those down who people aren't as indeed -- sort of like situation. -- I really very thin and that you didn't have any emergency -- seem like a firefighter but there. You do well here -- -- police Miller needs minimal way edited out at a didn't -- -- instead you know that is men's and her husband Mr. Bush. Bastards yeah -- Yeah me and a separate announcement his affair business then and it her bachelor party and now wants to please please please don't -- -- -- her friends. They do all of that shut them -- they get and she's like I told you not to -- that black people there it's him. Yeah like this really don't mean -- way to make. Because her husband and this is his sister there's some -- hair and rock yeah. The time that she adds you're wrong I liked what MIP this is how well -- -- not like that the top. ROL club anyhow and then she takes up and she was very happy but I think. I'm eating. Governor real -- and are -- light. That is in need more and now I'm yeah boxers limit that it went like I'm her now -- -- my notes no -- -- and remembers. Yeah. Did you as we're talking about right now ginger got married recently -- and I imagine you've got lots of well wishes from viewers and fans on social media. Well there was one particular fan of viewers who -- is not as thrilled as the other mainly because she wasn't invited take a look. -- Can get married what you. He can't and I. Yeah thank you thank you. You finger paint and don't -- them they got that include. Cleaning he had asked what -- Hopefully -- may thirtieth. I'm sorry. Do you think that -- Yeah. -- -- Back in time and flooding. You get so you get married him I really can't I -- that before I got married -- it's gonna happen. I don't -- it happened was when this girl whose married she's an invite you you have to go to her today. Hey you have to go. How will -- yeah it's funny might mention that because joining us right now on the phone is -- self proclaimed big standing joke bridesmaid. -- -- -- -- is so good they hear from you I'm so sorry that you didn't make it unless I only have 55 people like -- family members. -- -- -- -- -- -- current and gotten. He alone had the he's denounced a Dutch. Tell us why your -- biggest fan. Thank you. -- here I think -- right thing here yeah wanted to be like Carl are locked. When they didn't. You know -- -- to study really hard. -- -- -- all she's so cute not only so you know what you should do if you took a picture in front of American flag just like -- -- there -- -- the X. Do it looked just like her and have increase your odds -- you -- you are just as fascinating there. -- Picture -- your mailbox every day for your invitation. -- Harmon brought it really makes you feel better soda -- yeah. Go to I don't. -- I invite anyone out here is the act I really was -- -- the pipe cutting and the but you know do you forgive her -- do you for diversity Aaron. One act is she sang -- she's still your fever it. We're gonna have to have you come here Arafat never down there I will come visit you -- Sierra we have a special surprise for -- because we found pictures from real -- in turn out you were close to your being used seat. I had just. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He. Remember that yeah. -- -- -- You look so beautiful that the still he -- exist as lift you right now -- -- All while we're so glad that you were able to join us and I am so sorry I've ever get married again your first on the -- He's very easy -- -- and you keep watching her OK you. Are amazing named men's. What I love this is a man every -- -- -- heat heat and now we gotta hand it out back we have known that back you certainly are little but yeah. Yes sir yes ma'am -- perhaps -- was really the world. He thought he was so angry yeah. Yeah -- really did. In the cold yeah I -- -- dude. -- -- Do noted Sierra do you know if we love you we love all of you because that is our -- everybody thank -- -- that it. You're -- about it.

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