GMA LIVE! (7.10.14)

Burr Leonard, founder of the bar method, shares her exercise tips with the "GMA" team.
14:07 | 07/10/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (7.10.14)
Get ready for some GMA lives it all starts now live backstage at GMA. Backstage welcome to CNN live candidates tonight and today -- -- had. Crystal chandelier is. All the time if -- Always a good time for crystal studio -- the component Nixon's changes soon yes you may laugh but first joining us on the phone after all the -- Worry and excitement would be little -- -- nominated for guest actress in a comedy series also -- of the new black such as -- Nominated for comedy series of really big morning absolutely I can't wait to talk her -- -- big fans and are here are you with us. No not graduation and her. How are you feeling you must be really excited this morning. How my -- I I I am I'm barely speak but I'm without -- with this. And it could be but it shouldn't -- -- but I -- I'm so those really probable that. Just thankful for not only myself but so many -- not now and finish though it now be recognized fault my god. That but I feel like desperate for something. Now you are so fantastic you're actually one of my two favorite character the other -- tasty. But you'd rather just absolutely fantastic. This surprise you the response of this show has gotten I mean it's all that anyone can talk about. You know what I don't think -- could ever happen. Imagine -- your response to be anything like it had stands but I know -- who -- working on it would get the fifth. It's about self powerful -- who worried that Angie and her fellow right -- eighth wicket spell incredibly. Beautiful and the market but it felt so well developed then. Belt won't be denied it all and I don't watch much happens shoes I thought my not to -- our incredible stuff I knew I loved it very thankful that. You know people are loving it but we -- making it. Subtle -- -- I -- -- question -- you originally. Auditioned for a different role on the show. Yeah yeah. So can you imagine that -- -- -- I am not but I think I don't but I'm -- athletes and the art that I had -- before but not crazy. I don't know why wasn't well did you audition for. I addition Ford didn't dates with play brilliantly by that he. Meaning. -- -- -- -- Our and that is about -- and bit like doctor you another Arctic I'm okay what -- just. Thank you guys -- to the -- -- would have reported it hadn't read that he didn't. The thing called straight yes I -- for many. -- kind of also fantastically and so brilliantly. -- in -- and -- this nomination is -- accompanies series do you think that -- his new black could have also played in the drama categories. You know the -- I'm I think anything's possible but like you know I think about the best comedy that I. They -- -- directly about straight comedians like Richard Pryor I think that there always thought you want something rather poignant or are. Well grounded in this. Subject matter -- nature and similarly the -- and I watch sports fanatic waved a White House. And -- -- through them so I think that's wonderful balance attended. Managed to occupy within the framework of our -- allow three from the boredom. They controlled the line -- event. Well we are so excited for you armament for you for awhile and thank you for joining us really appreciate at a huge congratulations ACM. I think I should shortsighted. Stephanie usually got together to -- that -- -- that's my favorite show some very very excited and it's been recognized him from him more than one category. And this morning just looking around as the nominations are going on seeing people's faces people who -- still. Into their -- absolute and they are still attached to it and noticed that more than anything is when I am I got really really. What didn't -- -- -- demand man about it up there I got excited that modern family that still watches that are fans so regularly. Anything with frank Cranston and pretty much like that's -- hopping out and that right mindset that I -- -- detectives to I don't. Big -- detective so I was very happy that he's -- recognized. Some shows a lot of great work out their right -- -- -- -- here and it's yes we'll speaking of great work and back with TV shows an Emmy nominees -- fouled by minute canceled but it has never died Jason Richards. You mastermind behind the popular -- -- 200 Twitter account. He revealed that a 42 promoting genes that of the cast it may be available soon for the iPhone it's 42 Americans -- but I'm sure they'll figured out. If that includes one that -- eight you can see George Elaine. And Kramer of course but other things like the diner -- and -- kind of look at them my and -- my glasses. That the black and white cookie -- a member of the how to fight in Jerry's stomach he said it would let. The new management and there are the pretzels are making me Thursday -- -- -- a lot of things. Pat Jordan -- -- the revenue from some help here. For from the Pentagon study. And this is this is regulated because you have -- you have -- a crazy day -- feel a little off maybe he just you just at a -- We did and that people know what that means that that's all we need a little thirsty just put them pretzels and there. Think in. If it's a good timing couldn't be better -- -- because Steinfeld analogy is recently celebrated our sign held recently celebrated the 25 anniversary of its debut film premiers and I was just -- in the -- -- of the pregnancy except that the episode never gets old just like us say hey -- exactly find her time. And so what we're going on to YouTube user Paul Casey captured a very amusing moment in Tokyo Japan's. He spotted a man dressed in business clothes bizarrely standing. In a laid back position in the middle of Tokyo's busy streets. So what's up this hour about that -- he's -- -- -- well the man was apparently standing in that exact position for hours and has been known to do this thing. In other areas around the city. You know me fine to me about this at this from New -- nobody really and that I think hopefully another I think that's the same there as badly notice that you gotta block gotta go around -- is what -- that Casey was shot the video tested the standing in. But passing of the balloon that he saw he quickly disposed of after facing -- if. Interfering with his performance -- the balloon is not part of the plan definite that it's not James Franco right exactly now I didn't want you -- it. The funeral but perhaps it -- -- -- -- -- -- our head of the day is about my favorite part of -- -- now we have -- of the -- would not even isn't photos from the -- grant account Carter and -- they are adorable photos of Carter whose twenty month old and his very best friend Toby who is a three year -- to rescue dog they really showed -- -- -- have -- It's nice when kids have a pet that's a good friends he has teaches them -- of respect -- -- -- -- -- but it's great for the animal and I. I love this stuff. I wanna have my full heart and love in -- have been in the building Atlantis having kids who are who are warm respectful of dogs because you never know what you'll get but when they can they can do it -- gives them all of that responsibility -- -- special you have that. On top of the beautiful friendship via -- -- so exciting. And this is something I've tried -- you have I have the Barmes then -- and we're gonna Hanover. NASA. It's because. Is that cooler ground and it's grab everybody's attention all over the past when he can -- and your arms with -- -- everything you want right. Hey tough sell guys. Here live -- that the founder -- Leonard. With some tips about how to stay strong in. So that's what where we're -- I didn't want say years ago only two years ago maybe and it has just. Escalated our youth so happy with what's happened I'm thrilled and such an effective were counted so many people learn -- -- that we'll get them out of work. It's a body sculpting work out that we shapes muscles improves posture. And -- down your body -- equally funny cat from OK we haven't found the studios around the country and now we -- do it online anywhere any time. That's the best of I think people that maybe are ready to feel like they wanna go into classic situation that could start like that -- online that's right and then move up. I love the class -- so we'll show -- that you're -- -- a couple of things yes I think what's different about department that is why it shouldn't human right muscle. Is that you can Wear him right away and see change -- People who. We've never liked exercise in the past love this because they feel the muscle right away. He planned to do that -- And that's the -- -- get solar -- a different candidate committee paperwork and something good and desolate many celebrities that do it who are some of the -- more famous -- Drew Barrymore is taken for years and loves it. Silly guest you know -- -- takes it and Ricki Lake loves it and Gary Hedrick. It's curious that Cedric -- And yes we have up the number of studios in Hollywood areas of low impact of -- -- -- companies mentioned Ukraine where. Who recently had yet these so it's -- doesn't get get that -- invited back -- extra point. Well yes could really get people can take that's the way it mean today they can be watching events and do it at home. Absolutely okay. -- People -- met -- gets -- -- difficult to reach muscles and one of those muscles. His career in the afternoon. And reason is we live in an error where relief for a lot of computers -- our cell phones in our chairs. And they grow up that way we can't lose touch with muscles in the back of her body so when we first try to start to -- They don't. Nothing happened so what the great. -- work out so what are my favorite is gaining speed and everything I love it is it also working a lot of other muscles in your body including the core. Hi it's stretching your size it's worth your posture muscles and it's -- your -- So let me show you Amy who is the co -- -- -- -- Manhattan studios -- gonna demonstrated for us. So Amy opening your feet to help with the part Sox ten yankees step one foot back the use your hamstrings just drawn that put up. If she's got a -- strings on it could get a good sign it's a little bit more. Lol your hips forward. Can't shrink wrapped in front and then slightly Ford at the -- to create a kind of push -- between the muscles. Down the back of your working lag that are pulling premier -- all we hear flat. And then -- punching forward like a fist with the your staying England as hard as you can see your muscles which is working really. Look she and have you don't get extra benefit if we -- -- -- is that yes if you try and don't -- about holding on anything but only have a little something and so -- I write my guess you are yes now when you first start paying the credit -- hamstring gets a nagging -- -- But it's a little bit more. Still. -- -- -- if you're almost pulling -- in -- plea for we don't let them so -- kind of pulling their -- that it. And drop your tablet as much as you can kind of turning like -- -- okay lessen the that you're seeing it all out that you shouldn't yeah. Now and then keep your hips still -- and move your working. Who went back and when each floor tank while -- what you -- it looks subtle but it doesn't feel settled yet they feel it's in attendance gentle worked out who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So we can drink a lot more just sure then I'm markets -- other exercise that we put you in the right positions so that you work -- -- right away and let him down. So Amy lift your heels -- comfortably high position. -- -- -- Relax you learn about and -- cast. -- she isn't perfect -- more when people start working in the eighth taking bar and okay. They tend to lean forward and kind of the body have made it seem to be wants to get out other fossil -- they feel. And that was one development department is -- the teachers. Encourage students support them and help them to stay in the right positions to each classics like that's heat you have this wonderful communities here in -- class. You're being coached in the long it out about -- idea they could drop half with everybody there and they're all supporting each other and so let's say eighty leave for Britain. -- -- -- -- -- It and how long -- you stay in this -- somebody's watching this calendar day. Pulling that posts and looking you can do -- anything we can more than ten but let's try to help -- -- to attend when he's down what did you down names. -- and muscle -- -- what does it could forget it -- -- but it very effective what muscles issue working right now she's working her lots. So that's the largest massacre in the body and she's really carrying her full body weight. On her -- so it's a very intense work -- she's also working her. Back muscles directors denied that traps them all the muscles that hold you straighten just a reputed what I came right back. Benefit our panel were aware and I think he's so much say so yeah it says here right here to be here guard method -- -- Barton an online apartment -- dot com pay them. That's how you find them and that's how you define all of the eighty -- congratulations -- -- -- -- thank you so much for being with -- seven -- you can join us right here tomorrow morning 9 AM eastern. Just a special addition we really need to get those chandeliers everyday we like includes an order I -- -- -- Yeah. I'm not a good thing yeah.

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