'GMA LIVE!' Celebrates Adopt a Cat Month

The Bergen County animal shelter has some adorable kittens that need homes.
3:16 | 06/25/14

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Transcript for 'GMA LIVE!' Celebrates Adopt a Cat Month
We -- -- this is but Villa. They're like yeah very obvious reasons so we love having cats here and we have more cats here and then -- -- or any infant that. Every -- out here -- with the -- county animal shelter correctly I can tell us about why you're here with -- these -- well we're celebrating the American humane association. Hasn't. National event called adopt -- -- month. So we're celebrating atop the -- months. In June adoption of up to -- my -- yes. So we -- -- close at 1000 lots of -- absolutely in June as the night where we get the most cats and kittens in the -- nationally and banks just take that I don't they have bad -- because a lot of people think that there mean -- standoffish but wonderful out of Catholic wonderful pets they're there actually the best efforts you're working household where you have been busy schedules. Because they can be very independent you can come home -- -- sleep on the bed with you when they take minimum minimum care. And what should someone out there considering about -- They should have some minimum requirements as far as their letterhead and food and water. We recommend along with the American made his decision yet to. Especially if you did that you mental stimulation and that keeps them active -- in getting slot. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Then they keep each other conference yeah it seemed very calm but people should know they're coming out of emotion out -- that up front about it. I kittens have a lot of energy that's why first we do a lot of adoptions for seniors and we adopt cats we've -- overcast seniors does that work real well. And so what's your -- -- all these -- -- perhaps all these -- up for adoption. Itself has suffered from one to five every day. Around anywhere yeah that's what -- name but we know that they rose equipment that is exactly right. Is a little Alec how old Eddie Eddie bringing him risky approach -- yeah. That's. Look at how I've got kids are very special -- that activity -- I don't think about yeah. I'll get a half hour -- hour -- way please stop by the -- visit us and we're also going to be doing. If you adopt one of the cities or get another 13 place is they keep content the company had nothing and can give people check them out -- -- they'd posted -- for a -- we do most of our cats something exciting as the -- get -- -- -- -- quickly so -- -- -- -- -- that -- as we have about -- hundred. In the building right now hundred catch it under kittens kittens we'll have a higher -- we -- 200 -- -- -- 300 kids and I don't have good. And you have to do with the time here and I think that's why we're here yet mostly kittens come in in June and July OK stand so we're we're inundated with -- -- right now FM we like to. That any. Yeah. -- -- That image happened. Right gentlemen thank -- reminds -- -- -- you know how does little guys get aren't the shelter and adopt one heck I'm a Catholic Kenya and indeed love cats and tonight -- sometimes I just can't. Sneezing. -- -- CNN reality is that that's okay -- -- on should definitely do it began OK we have not even have any animal with a reduction is the best NBA.

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{"id":24296641,"title":"'GMA LIVE!' Celebrates Adopt a Cat Month","duration":"3:16","description":"The Bergen County animal shelter has some adorable kittens that need homes.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-celebrates-adopt-cat-month-24296641","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}