Ginger Zee, Sara Haines Plan Their Wedding

Special guest and "wedding maestro" Francesco Bilotto drops by with some special tips.
6:52 | 05/12/14

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Transcript for Ginger Zee, Sara Haines Plan Their Wedding
And we didn't mention. They count done to our weddings and it's it's we've had been talking about a -- but we've -- giving some amazing tips along the way and most of the major planning at least for me is out of the way. At -- called and I mean you that right now share more details. We got to bring in protest of a lot of nice and I don't. I know I have a form of blows my mind the day that ginger met her husband -- eat and do what they -- she met her wedding planner to beat Francesca at the same exact. Excerpts of us in the loved her like that that -- -- really means that. Authorities rarely have to love for life yeah. An in -- DiFrancesco Liggett said has I've been so lucky to have a friend -- you because you've done. Every -- really haven't had been. He's a finger -- him. This is better and not right. As commander reminding us you need to know mutilating your cars were not allowed to charge him yeah you do you -- -- -- -- popular. Sorry -- don't think you know but I can't sell one let's start with pentagon is left because I thought this was so great and it's been a wonderful idea in your home you actually showed me because we're doing destination -- table would look like that's something you should it. Absolutely he had never leave anything to chance that's my like number one piece of advice for everyone here you're -- -- -- planning a party especially when you do any gestation so. Unfortunately we can't go down there and taste the food and you know enjoy it also after the -- virtual tasting and a virtual season is basically. Shuffle for Perez sent some images we can see how it's going to be -- Com which I'm so glad we did because guess what we're spending all this time and effort on white floral. That the food had pink orchids on it. So that at a but it got a bad thing don't don't look incorporate please don't -- that you you know hot weather but it made no sense with like the white table games so you know one of those -- is averted you know. Wedding planner problems -- wedding planner I'm likely to -- Josh nothing targeted but typically when you have the most skilled and -- -- the catch the -- set up a -- -- -- in in in my. Studio my little a -- area. Bedroom -- We've -- over at the mine -- had the table mock up -- -- -- it's gonna look like him and it's going to be. You know self help book is that you have the vision in that day if there and there is no speed -- as we saw -- -- -- bad especially on the way to and we to replace -- for Oprah so if you're watching yes you're invited by to visit places are put it out there until what are some other little things -- doing to add to -- thanks Sharon and a -- tail light -- that -- -- -- you don't miss out anything. I try not to and that's thanks to your cookies milk chocolates and a little bit -- but -- Mark -- for -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I don't think you talk a little bit about what -- wearing that -- -- that there with. A little bit of the detail is the -- I think a lot of people tend to go right to. You know the fancy places things that are 7000 dollar 3000 dollar 15100 just. People that this -- and I -- and I'm my friend here -- -- we had a greenhouse site from a company called -- your pedestal dot com and basically you can go online and customize your patient. Shoes and then they are one -- Bob Clough all those are. -- -- Walk -- a club that day. -- all got a little bit of you know wins the NN and the wizard of odds of another voter fear of movies and and drove -- insane sunshine and seventy cents honoring both -- Philadelphia Atlanta -- you can yet so we -- some some special things that there's also another apparent that we can -- that are also some modest to severe and extreme. What's -- pioneered online name yeah. Yes -- it's it's gonna be fantastic so that's something you do not you don't hear it's -- -- agreement even tried the NY I was amazed at a time out yet know how to do it. -- -- -- -- Cycle you know -- different -- the -- you know yeah. -- about cycle Lara you know do it find a pair of neuter are already worn shoes and get creative if they don't turn out then go buy a pair -- I don't love that little guy again -- can make a little party out of -- you can make the party out of it -- you're not artistic and you have -- I can't expand its artistic and I'm. We're trying to get Indiana budget -- -- happy about that we certainly are paper products can add to the value of your table to the value of everything. Paper products are like my new best friend and other than it spent all of you think about. It's a great way to add virtualization without breaking the bank a lot of times you know people personalize with hard things leathers and -- -- the paper think about your cocktail napkins think about coasters. Think about Communists -- here you go away we have some some of their -- something a little seeds of what we're doing producers wedding that's the key was very important and lock Rivera and I really love story in the mafia. So we we out of some of those books tableau Sheila was amazing actually created this -- -- thought we we we conspired read we talked to provide again. And gum created some beautiful things bill look at personality of -- -- a little bit a luxury and they don't break the bank so it's it's kind of it's -- of -- I think that it. I like elephants -- like did something really to get vital -- giggling little seen cleansing really of course that was also Sheila from tablets is incredible -- events and Michigan because we wanted to have something. We're she's well -- and that was really really just and that's thoughtful touch and as I've said from day one the bride is the president of the business -- have a -- business you have to put your marketing -- on. Cash and how to brand that -- -- that to me is like branding Arafat's movement that the two like it's. Area. Ray technology and look I don't ever had the paper or -- it's making it because I'm environmentally conscious but we can get it recycles again in the scenes in it and they want them papers also easy to recycle and -- -- -- -- -- you're talking about guys like human. But what do you think I think you -- Thank you guests are you know you could go as wild as you watch one of my favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite chocolates Fannie Mae. Good Chicago's both Jennifer and I -- It's it's got a small town. Found charm to it but it's still you know they're able to create custom things got -- -- -- I think you were doing these artisan chocolates by Fannie -- They do a special sort of like that wedding. Presentation so you go on the web -- Fannie Mae dotcom boom and you search for the local shops in your area are you don't have a shopping area just call on -- -- -- Out how to how to navigate -- you you can have something special not breaking the bank that can customize -- with a beautiful ribbon for you do a lot of -- you can do yourself. It's just take out the chocolate into the next level and create some sort of you know and -- -- so beautiful things to me they look like jewels and Jones and her feeling. Eat them particularly that which you showed why give people more things to stuff their apartments just let them eat their guests for a way out he -- -- and and -- it's not either you thought the way -- -- out of the -- I don't know where -- need to figure -- yeah. You know -- suited to carve your dresses like falling -- of mountains and you know then yes. My.

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{"duration":"6:52","description":"Special guest and \"wedding maestro\" Francesco Bilotto drops by with some special tips.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23680167","title":"Ginger Zee, Sara Haines Plan Their Wedding","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-ginger-zee-sara-haines-plan-wedding-23680167"}