'GMA' lunch break at Michael Jordan's The Steak House N.Y.C.

ABC News Jesse Palmer cooks with chefs Chip Miller and Cenobio Canalizo at the New York City restaurant.
15:55 | 03/22/17

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Transcript for 'GMA' lunch break at Michael Jordan's The Steak House N.Y.C.
Welcome back her much of sorts that after the earth yet Wrentham are. Another thing that counts patently it funny that it. Tokyo the head here this restaurant in New York City market will be back right middle of the moment right on it will happen you got involved. What legal. It is not like we said before you know we've been talking only doll and Richards tonight and equipment nobody put him top. Just look at the legitimate goals you know who we thought that you spend the night in the book and brought home what you are quite. Actually that's like the biblical. Patted me. We've got it got really want to hear that. Article ultimately it's got it right that nobody quite old attic. That's likely to act as a home anyway we certainly that's huge portions the year. Lott who ordered what I'd do it with the government buildings that they did. Old Detroit. This. They. It before didn't. Beautiful that was the digit broken. I'll just let it is these very. Good morning. What I. People. Right if that in fact. Important organs or you brag about how much he. We've all of them. Thank you. Hey it. Bassist Dave what the important thing he's we won't. Rule it. It's leave it with them now from our. And fired. We'll get involved with that we who could forget there ain't we get that is that a book that this is to make the sources for the speaker. Okay is that it will grow up looking over here are being looked at west. That's up questions of free eligible to what that demands before you. If people could make it all yet easy to do it always lived in everything that divide the eight how little Rick. It's not like those record pool I would read and do it from them on. Okay look. Yeah. It's that it is big creamy. Kuwait delegates at with a little bit of this book game. We are pleased to get green. Morning where they've been celebrated with a piece. There and more. I can and it could help my favorite for the eighth and political. Deborah was sold it for that reason why he believed a political. I could save. It's about the girl and then. And it can't read this one thanks to god with us. Get a little light though it readily. Here that both. People. These political hot sought a court in its power. And to get a permit Filipino to get more neighborhood bookie. OK if you don't do that the pick up any of your room he did well not. Now acknowledges that happy about it is that by having with an update for an artist and because pottery not to put it real. Bank and put it back to deploy high. This. It probably did very. I think he watches but if you we won't be available and beautiful. If you got that great color. It happened with I've crunched right it's nice little beautiful night for a look at the plate ability ethical over that of others. Hey he's easily and it will be here. If because we've got to do with our affiliate out that these are this. And I'd like over here was was. It oh yeah. It's very very quickly and efficiently this woman has not been almost what I wanted them by picture. So let the days. He's somebody admit it it's more like them we hear people. Think I was really like. It's. Shots ridiculous that we. Current trends over. Let's put that together kept him. Right beautiful and under first rodeo that didn't work. Yes I won't like. We do this electric recently I spoke in the small pocketbook when they're. So I put the run for office. She's. Right. I guess they. Hang cheese garlic through. And equipment and marched peacefully get around. They Ers. Police say is attacked and possibly can okay. With the got a grant. So basically. Would be systematic thing in the nice Liggett for the power agenda. A girlfriend told. Youthful Gandhi just a little bit. But the pot fields I think whatever I didn't look for the team in the mind great it is and I didn't read while. Very well. Virtually no time oh my heart it would might and mitigate the cycle of assault and both the print. I think Rick and McCain looks like we can do that. The way. The event that they. Try to through all of it getting don't think. Much. I'll probably ended deliberately done regardless what got all that but would get back to. But back to vote here my back 14100 degree. Of course they. And I we hear I'll have that. And I'll. They get shot. Point drop risky corporate assure that sort of good daddy. The trip to. Hopefully avert any the trustees meeting so I would she's so. He sort of poster. Thank you don't. I love notes aren't very. So. Currently. To me I'm me and they. Paid. Right. Exactly so. Is Dwight works at talkback. What that was like that what. No I actually went. Yes and community. And if you leave this morning I don't know actually I think that person is that would. Three. You weren't really. You're weird they're not there yet don't even if it started off. And back. Home. Regular use their real slow real. Again butter. Reasons why your third. Our. Action flick. We're regressing. Crazy. Greatly. This kid is simple. About the school did better right now checkbook. Got a degree heat. You know you know you do. They don't it. Think. Do appreciate it. And apparently. They're working. We had a lot of I could get rock. Even. Started out part of the mind. Every detail and have a good. Don't look at it and we're out well based. To hold them. Have to be like death. That's it rude. Beaudet don't. The look right out there and it. But could have gone ahead with kids see things by. Faith but her -- Garlic. He's fond du and got. You must be. Triple cheeseburger. Right. So so yeah here yeah. With speech and I'll. Let's just businesses you're here. And a burden on the dvds invent suggesting here you. I love the name. That this what and let up perfectly unity and they're good literally anybody grant garlic bread. With the fun do. Netherlands based us. In fire and they're not very many left. The building at night. When I think about when. There's really could for. Pupil went from yeah. I'm going. God there is so much like in every component of this recipe. We've got the garlic. No reason. The Xerox star. In this that super creamy and super GT car that he. This red has phenomenal crunch to it. I feel like the reason. I have one on top concert one currently paying. Yeah. And an integrated picnic or that you would have made enough demand during the lives of crimes going sometimes hostages. Chris first half past few weeks. This for. That's it yeah that's like the people to work it would without balance there's at least this is happening. The to be hurt replied. To leave to how would really attacking. Point right there going quite right with that they can triple cheese. And the burgers I don't use anywhere around that. Secret. First book. It's the murder thought he looked at three different time. I think views. But truly comes through. You beamer. Took the reflection. Of realty group called him the things that he did it squeezes nice wouldn't want to do it was poppy. Smoking is the pick. But thank you so much your maneuvers the conference. For all of them had been listed common Mohegan Sun and check out you know I'll I think. She is only so much everybody for joining us here vehemently. Upon. Stevenson.

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{"duration":"15:55","description":"ABC News Jesse Palmer cooks with chefs Chip Miller and Cenobio Canalizo at the New York City restaurant. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46309161","title":"'GMA' lunch break at Michael Jordan's The Steak House N.Y.C.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-lunch-break-michael-jordans-steak-house-nyc-46309161"}