'GMA' Gives a Rare Behind the Scenes Look at the Vatican

ABC's Robin Roberts takes a revealing look into the pope's private life outside the Vatican.
3:00 | 12/18/13

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Transcript for 'GMA' Gives a Rare Behind the Scenes Look at the Vatican
A beautiful, beautiful morning here, in rome. Actually, vatican city. And it was extraordinary to be able to come face-to-face with the main residents of vatican city, and that is, of course, pope francis. When he made his way through the line, after delivering his christmas message, I didn't know what to say. And he spoke first. And I was humbled by what he said. I told him that I was from america. And he said, please pray for me. The pope asking, please, pray for me. It was quite a moment. Asking for our help. Yes. Absolutely. Especially in this -- we do want to emphasize, as well, the christmas season. It is his first. We saw that tree there, here in vatican city. It is the tree from bavaria. Comes from a different part each and every year. And this year, on a flatbed, geography not my strong suit. But here it is. And we saw the snowcaps in the distance. We are here to meet the pope. But also going to give you an opportunity to see where he lives here at the vatican. We were given rare access, places that you have never seen before now. Vatican city, the place where pope francis carries out his worldwide spiritual mission. And I was able to get a rare glimpse into life inside the vatican walls. This is the courtyard of the apostolic palace. You have the pope's former apartment. When pope benedict resigned, he came down here to get in the car. You saw the helicopter ride. This was his last good-bye. This is where pope benedict lived. Correct. And the current pope, pope francis, does not. He does not. But he goes to the window for the prayer. He is arguably the most popular person on the planet right now. No doubt about it. Everybody wants a piece of pope francis. And the way he's handled it all such openness, it's been refreshing for many people. I think there's a natural humility to him. But he senses that this is god's will. And I'm going to do it. Reporter: The palace is where pope francis conducts the business of the church. My guide, greg burke, a vatican media adviser, likened it to the white house's west wing. You'll find cardinals, foreign leaders and dignitaries walking this hall. We ran into u.S. Ambassador to the holy see, ken hackett. Pope francis has energized so many people. He's given hope. He's given people a sense of I'm there with you. As you are suffering, I am also there. And that's special. Reporter: While millions flock to st. Peter's basilica and the square every year, few get to see it from this view. This is amazing how close you are. I actually watched the conclave. When the pope came out on the balcony in the middle. You'll see the pope go out there on christmas day. Reporter: And this room, just off the balcony, burke calls a secret, little gem. I don't have a lot of fringe benefits. But this is one, the ability to take people here. This is not on the vatican museum tour. Reporter: Also not on the moue team tour, a guest house for clergy, and home to pope francis. Story has it, he was here for the conclave. And decided to stay. You're in contact with the people. Reporter: The holy father begins his day at 5:00 in the morning. He spends two hours in prayer before saying mass. And then, his official day begins at 8:00. He travels around rome, not in a mercedes, but a ford focus. Housed in this garage, along with a more familiar open-top popemobile. You have the car out front here? That's right. As long as the pope is there, you do. And that's been the case since he was elected. Reporter: He gave us a clue. The pope is in that building right now. People coming here visiting the vatican, what do you want them to experience and go back with? The message of pope francis. What is the gospel of joy? The message is love and mercy. Our thanks to greg burke for being a great tour guide. And you asked on facebook, what do you want to know? One person wanted to know about the pope, does he cook his own food? Every now and then? Our experts tell us he may cook from time to time. Actually, eats most of his meals with a group. Let's hope he's cooking right now.

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{"id":21258507,"title":"'GMA' Gives a Rare Behind the Scenes Look at the Vatican","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Robin Roberts takes a revealing look into the pope's private life outside the Vatican.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-rare-scenes-historic-vatican-21258507","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}