'GMA' Super Snack Showdown: The Best Recipes for the Big Game

"GMA" viewers compete over who has the best Super Bowl snack recipe.
4:27 | 02/02/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Super Snack Showdown: The Best Recipes for the Big Game
snack showdown. Our viewer chefs are going head-to-head and Armani Williams playing for the patriots and Juliana Evans and here to judge, Anne Burrell. A taste of the NFL and cooks in America. No, just in a minute tell us what your favorite snack is. A little twist. I have to say I -- you know, game day is always about, you know, splurge day and all that kind of stuff so I am all about the killer Mac and cheese. This is kind of my rendition of it. It's macaroni and cheese with bacon in it. And we have a couple of super secret flavors. Mustard, a little bit of hot sauce, stuff to really zhush it up. If you're going to let it rip, let it rip. Let's rip with Lara. That's beautiful. Hi, Anne. Want to introduce to Armani. This is Armani surrounded by patriots fans. Firing up the wings in a special way. Tell us about it. All right, so you fry these wings up and what you want to do is coat them in flour and then dip them in canola oil so they try up. While frying, first thing you want to do is make the sauce. The sauce has honey barbecue sauce, right. I got brown sugar barbecue sauce as well, chili sauce, honey, a little bit of liquid smoke so has that nice smoky flavor and add a couple dabs of sriracha and hot sauce. What am I waiting for? That's right. And then you have Armani's show-stopping party wings and they will stop the show. They will start the party. What a segment. That is not bad. Wow. All right. So, listen, you guys, audience members, anybody try it? Anybody give it a thumbs up. En Anne, you'll love these. I'm an equal opportunity eater. I want to introduce you to Juliana, a falcon fan with a new taste. I do this is my southern sweet and spice chicken slider. Not that mini. My secret to make them special are cinnamon rolls because I have a sweet and savory tooth and I'm a baker at heart so we pulled cinnamon roll, jalapeno spread on top. There's some peach glazed bacon and grilled peaches also. We got to represent the south. Whoo! This looks unbelievable. I don't want anybody seeing me eat it on camera. Won't be pretty so throw it back over to you. Anne, the pressure is on. Right now. Take a bite. I know. I'm going to try this in a neat way. Oh, don't do that. That's not going to happen. Mm-mm. That is good stuff. The LE extra -- okay, now the wing. I went to college in Buffalo so I am a connoisseur of wings. Oh. It's like every bit as messy as delicious. Yep. You can't eat chicken wings without a lot of napkins. Okay. Drum roll, please. I have to say they were really both delicious. The chicken wing, I mean I love that sauce. There's so many layers of flavor going on there. The chicken slider, very interesting take on that but there's so much going on there and I have to say the flavo R goes to the chicken slider.

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{"id":45205618,"title":"'GMA' Super Snack Showdown: The Best Recipes for the Big Game","duration":"4:27","description":"\"GMA\" viewers compete over who has the best Super Bowl snack recipe.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-super-snack-showdown-best-recipes-big-game-45205618","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}