'GMA's' Epic Wedding Day Countdown

Kleinfeld fashion director Terry Hall discusses the hottest bridal styles of 2014.
3:00 | 02/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA's' Epic Wedding Day Countdown
The countdown is on to "Gma's epic wedding showdown". Last week we watched as Alex and Jeremy took top honors during three days of competition and will tie the knot on "Good morning America" this Friday. But first we are joined right now by fashion director terry hall to tell us about the hottest bridal styles of 2014 and what we might see when Alex walks down the aisle. Nice to see you. I want to point out none of what we're seeing right now is what Alex chose. Absolutely not. We don't want to spoil that for Jeremy but how did the selection process go for her. We had so much fun with Alex. Easy to work with her and had a consultation in the car on the way do you know, got a feel for what she was looking for and gave her the ultimate Kleinfeld experience and Jeremy's socks will be knocked off. You hear that, Jeremy. Yeah. Hang on to your socks. Let's talk about some trends. What might we see Alex in? You see more and more on brides these days. This is a look. Pnina Torey. It's about the body suit she's wearing over the strapless gown so you can have two looks with the dress. A lot of fun. Doesn't have to be jewelry. We could change it for lace. We know tattoo lace has been kind of big but the tattoo jewelry. This is actually like a pair of hosiery. Very glamorous. It's a lot of fun, very sexy and glamorous. I like the Indian inspired headpiece. New accessory? Hair jewelry right now. A lot of brides are tossing the veil to the side and expresses their personality and a great way to do it as well as with the shoe. She's wearing a hot pink shoe. Last year we saw blue. I wish I had done that. Such a fun little pop. Even if it's just a bride that knows it's there and makes her feel comfortable and expressing her personality. Speaking of personality. This couple has personality. Alex and Jeremy rain shower bride and groom-to-be. Come on in. Are you ready? Because you thought the competition was over and like to prove you wrong we'll play a fun game. We'll give you these paddles, right, five different celebrities. You need to match the gown with the celebrity who wore a very similar style look. Here come our models. I want you to take a good look at the celebrities. Kate Middleton. You have fergie, you have Kelly Clarkson, Jessica biel and Catherine guidici from "The bachelorette" series who just got married. She got it. These are the dresses. Who wore the most similar -- when we say go, you have 15 seconds and, yes, there is another prize. So Alex and Jeremy, you wowed us. Here we go. On your marks, get set, go. Okay. Which one? Which one? Which one? Oh, my gosh. We'll do that. Six, five, four, three, two, one. Terry. Well, congratulations, you got three right which I think is pretty great. Not bad. Shall we reveal which ones you got right. You were right on Alex -- Put up your celebrities. This is Catherine guidici from "The bachelorette." Alencon lace and threw a belt on as well. The second dress was made famous by Jessica biel in the light pink That's right. Fabulous. Austin scarlet a trendsetter and fashion forward and a lot of celebrities started wearing that since and Kate Middleton. Even though it's traditional she ushered in the long sleeve and people are wearing it ever since and the fourth look Kelly Clarkson, you know, very romantic, similar to her style. We saw a little beaded lace, the illusion sleeve on trend right now and last look that was fergie in the Rusch Taff father asymmetrical look. Not too bad, though. That's fantastic. You know, we know you've been busy, as a prize we got you your own Valentine because we know you'll be busy. Chocolate and everybody it's coming. Jeremy and Alex's epic "Gma" wedding is happening Friday morning. Valentine's day with John legend as their wedding singer. It's going to be fantastic. Can't wait to see you as a bride. Thank you so much, terry. You look beautiful.

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{"id":22477256,"title":"'GMA's' Epic Wedding Day Countdown","duration":"3:00","description":"Kleinfeld fashion director Terry Hall discusses the hottest bridal styles of 2014.","url":"/GMA/video/gmas-epic-wedding-day-countdown-22477256","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}