'The Plunge' Makes Way Into Real-World Fashion

Hollywood stars Jessica Chastain and Allison Williams' daring look might become more common.
3:00 | 01/15/13

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Transcript for 'The Plunge' Makes Way Into Real-World Fashion
We're going to go to the hottest trends now at the golden globes on sunday night. We talked about them, the plunging necklines and braided hair. Yes, there were. And jessica chastain. There she is. There she was. That was allison williams. And there's jennifer lawrence. And lucy liu also rocked braids. Can real woman pull off these looks? Juju chang put the looks to the test. Reporter: The red carpet sizzled at the golden globes, as our favorite stars dazzled us with color, couture and cleavage. CLAIRE DANES, katharine McPhee and amy poehler took the plunge. The plunging neckline was so hot at the golden globes because it's a different way of baring skin. It's cut down almost to your naval. It's sexy but there's subtlety about it. Reporter: Other ladies went for a cut up to there peek at the leg. That's a big trend we've soon seeing. I think the slits are getting higher this season. Reporter: As for hair, the laidest updo involves a lot of twists. Lucy liu had a great side braid. We're going to be seeing a lot more of it. We saw it on the runways last year. I think it's going to continue throughout 2013. Reporter: Celebrities pull these looks off flawlessly. But what about those of us who aren't hollywood starlets? We volunteered samantha, a 32-year-old working mom so our friends at "lucky" magazine could show us how real women pull off this look. For sam, this is showing too much skin. You can see the deep "v" neckline. You see it's sleeveless. And she doesn't even have tights on. It goes back to balancing. Because samantha has a "v" plunging neckline, we wanted to make sure the rest of her was nice and covered up. Reporter: For women of a certain age, if you want to show skin, don't be afraid to go plunging, just do it in a different place. You get all of the sexy effect of the plunging "v" neck. But you get the illusion panel. And it gives you an extra barrier. Reporter: Because it's plunging down to here and cut up to here, it might be too much skin. She has the plunging "v" You don't want to do them together. Reporter: If most important rule of thumb, if you're going to feel self-conscious all night, not the right outfit. Good advice. Here to show us how real women can get the golden globes look, lori bergamotto. Hi, lori. Let's get here out here. Take a look. This is what samantha looked like before. And now, get on out here with that golden globes this is samantha. She's a mom who wanted to do something that real women can wear. If you look on the red carpet, you saw a lot of the celebrities really went for the deep, deep plunge. What we wanted to do here is give her that similar affect. You see the white panels on the side. We gave her the lace netting. She gets the effects of the deep plunge but the protection of the place panel between the girls. Everything stays put. She's nice and protected. And I like the braid. It's not little girlie at all. She looks like a goddess. And there's a bit of a slit in the middle. This is how we made the compromise. Not thigh-high. But a little whisper. What other advice do you have for women? Know your audience. You don't want to wear something superplungey to the board room. And know your body. Confidence and comfort, that's what's important. Lori bergamotto. Thank you so much, lara. Coming up, miracle berries. We'll tell you about it. You look great.

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{"id":18219414,"title":"'The Plunge' Makes Way Into Real-World Fashion","duration":"3:00","description":"Hollywood stars Jessica Chastain and Allison Williams' daring look might become more common.","url":"/GMA/video/golden-globes-2012-red-carpetthe-plunge-makes-real-18219414","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}