Golf Prodigy, 4, Amazes With Her Swing

Little Riley has been teeing off since she was just one and a half years old.
3:05 | 05/13/14

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Transcript for Golf Prodigy, 4, Amazes With Her Swing
This morning's "Open Mike," is a hole in one. We may have the next tiger woods in the studio with us. Look at this 2-year-old tiger woods on "The Mike Douglas show." I want you to meet tiger woods and his father, earl woods. Aw. Has that swing. Now, you guys, you think that's something. I do. Now, wait until you see our little Riley Atkins swing. This 4-year-old golf prodigy. She's been playing since she was 1 1/2 years old. She's here with her dad, Chris, and mom, heather. Come on out. Hello. Hello. Hello. Riley likes to be called princess Riley. Hi, princess Riley, how are you? Hey. Hey. How long have you been playing golf, Riley? Six. Six years and you're 4 years old? Amazing. How did you get into golf, dad? Because of you? Yeah. Just watching me practice. She kind of picked it up. How is your game? Are you a good golfer? So-so. Can she beat you? Probably. We want to see Riley play. Yeah. We have to -- come on, we're going to walk over here. Anybody else a golfer? Nobody. Robin? You a golfer? I don't want to step in front of her. Come on, Riley. Oh, yes. Wow. Ohold on. We're not done. Tee it up. Show us again. Look at that form. What a grip. Wow. Can I try it? All right. Let me see. You're going to try it, Mike? Come on, Mike. I need you to tell me how I do, okay? There you go. Oh, wow. That's pretty good. Come on. George, I got you. I'm going to tee you up. With that little club. You really have to get down here. Riley, you have to do it. Come on. I think Riley has it both beat. I think she does. You like doc mcstuffins. We have something for you. Look at this. You come over here and take this. That's all yours, sweetie. Princess Riley. You have some nice clubs there. And you know what? Give me five. All right, everybody.

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{"id":23693938,"title":"Golf Prodigy, 4, Amazes With Her Swing","duration":"3:05","description":"Little Riley has been teeing off since she was just one and a half years old.","url":"/GMA/video/golf-prodigy-amazes-swing-23693938","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}