Good Housekeeping magazine's top picks for leggings

Good Housekeeping Style Director Lori Bergamotto shares the magazine's top picks for the best leggings.
3:54 | 02/21/17

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Transcript for Good Housekeeping magazine's top picks for leggings
Now though we'll talk about some leggings. "Good housekeeping" magazine recently did a spread with our anchors, tackling our toughest home organizing challenges and now Lori bergamotto, "Good housekeeping's" style director is here to help us crack something else, the leggings code. Yes. Lori, a lot of women, myself included get up and throw on leggings, whether they're working out or not. This is an important test. We have answered the call so the "Good housekeeping" institute textiles lab tested almost 40 pairs and takes about two mons testing for fabric sdurability. O opacity. We have two. Moisture wicking. You know how when you're sweating, you want to feel like you're dry, right? So you see how this is dropping. Spreading quickly and fast. That's moisture wicking. A bad example would be like this one, Lara. You see how it's beading up so think about that against your leg, obviously inside out, the fabric, just sitting against your leg. No fun. So we'll test for things like that and come around here. The stretch test. Stretch test. What dogs that mean? You know when you wear them and have to keep pulling them up. They lose ee last so we do the stretch recovery test and take some -- a swatch of the fabric, measure it ten centimeters then stretch it to 160%. Then see how it comes back. And after an hour we measure it at -- two hours we measure it at 60 seconds and then two -- sorry and then an hour to see how -- Which one has the most recovery so let's talk about the winners, 40 tested. Lots of different tests like those. These are your top three. Ready, guys? At number three. Number three, athlete and they felt flattering and kept everything in the right place and looked firm. Did great in those. Lex up was lands' end. Yeah, look at oohs and ahs. "Good housekeeping" seal holder and what these tested so well in is the moisture wicking and the opacity, advertise and thick. A couple years ago people were worried you could see through. There was a lot of talk about that. These tested well and have a reflective design in there so great for cycling. And your winner, everybody. This is a happy surprise. Yes, c9 champion at target. Guess how much they are? $35 so -- Outperformed and people love that they had the mesh so felt trendy so beyond all of the comfort and the fit and all that, they looked really good too. Sometimes you can have something practical but that looks great for $35. Awesome, thank you very much for those. What's happening here. Not in the textiles lab and just shopping, how can you find a great pair? You look for flat seams, so this is an example of flat seams. This is an example of raised seams. You don't want these. Raised seams can cause irritation and friction which you dent want when working out. One other thing. Gus set. Look for a Gus et is this triangular or diamond like thing in the crotch area. Good morning, America. But if you don't have that, it'll look something more like this, Lara and that can cause wedgies or things to ride up. Oh, no. And the last thing is the opacity test. You can stand in the store and bend your knee tight. If you can't see through it it's probably a good indicator that they're opaque. Now, if you want to wear leggings not for fitness but to go to work, we love this pair from spanx. Put them in a tunic and belt the waist and get that proportion there. Brittany looks great and to go out, Sam has a blousy top. You just want to make sure you're doing an elongated heel. So much great info. So much goes into leggings. Lori bergamotto, we love you. Get all the details on leggings on our website. Coming up, the Ailey II

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"Good Housekeeping Style Director Lori Bergamotto shares the magazine's top picks for the best leggings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45623396","title":"Good Housekeeping magazine's top picks for leggings","url":"/GMA/video/good-housekeeping-magazines-top-picks-leggings-45623396"}