Margulies' Managers Claim She's Cutting Them Out

"The Good Wife" star faces real-life court battle from people claiming they helped land her the job.
2:29 | 08/22/13

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Transcript for Margulies' Managers Claim She's Cutting Them Out
Now, we turn to the star of "the good wife," julianna margulies. She's in a monster court battle that's pitting her against her manager. When you're a star of her magnitude, the percentage points can add up to millions. Abc's rebecca jarvis has the story. Objection, your honor. What grounds? Reporter: Taking on the role of a high-powered attorney, for "the good wife," relaunched julianna margulies' career. I suggest you stop asking invasive and irrelevant questions. Reporter: Making her one of hollywood's top actresses. Now, the managers who say they helped her land it are putting margulies front and center in a real-life courtroom battle. Claiming she's cutting them out of millions of dollars in fees. There are potentially millions of dollars on the line for her. And the potential embarrassment that comes with going to trial. Reporter: Margulies, who reportedly earns $180,000 per episode, says she fired those managers in april 2011. Margulies calls her former agent and manager an embarrassment. But the agency disagrees. Telling the judge they worked hard to land margulies her "good wife" role, and endorsement deal with l'oreal, paris. Now, a judge says the two sides can take their war of words and battle it out in court. It's rare to have a dispute with a star as big as julianna go to trial. Reporter: But the attorney fights that no agreement was necessary. All actors, especially experienced actors, who have been in the business, understand and acknowledge their obligation to pay their managers post-termination commissions. Reporter: Margulies' attorney tells abc news that no specific agreement was ever made to continue to pay the managers after their termination. They admit that ms. Margulies never promised them, orally or in writing, to make such payments. Reporter: The two sides are scheduled for mediation on monday. Margulies' attorney says he is optimistic all this can be settled in mediation. That's outside of a courtroom. If they can't come to an agroemt by next week, margulies faces a court date this january. Extremely rare you see someone at this level face that public of a court date. Life imitating art at the highest level. Hope they work it out. We're going to turn, now, to

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{"id":20033204,"title":"Margulies' Managers Claim She's Cutting Them Out","duration":"2:29","description":"\"The Good Wife\" star faces real-life court battle from people claiming they helped land her the job.","url":"/GMA/video/good-wife-actress-julianna-margulies-managers-claim-shes-20033204","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}