Goodbye Thongs! 'Granny Panties' Are Making a Comeback

Young women are reportedly embracing full-bottomed underwear in place of thongs.
2:38 | 06/24/15

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Transcript for Goodbye Thongs! 'Granny Panties' Are Making a Comeback
A cheeky new trend in underwear is out there. Granny panty, yeah, I said it. They're making a big comeback for women of all ages. It's a story we first saw actually in "The New York times" and Sara Haines has the full report. Reporter: They live in the depths of your drawers. They come out once in a blue moon. Only a brave few like Bridget Jones dare to share but guess what, ladies. They're back! Behold, the return of the granny panty. Now women everywhere trading in their thongs for full bottomed undies. You can't always be in this tiny wedgie situation every day. Reporter: Retail analysts say in the last year thong sales decreased 7% while styles like boy short, briefs and high waisted cuts increased about 17%. Julia and mayan hit the jackpot with the launch of their company me and you selling bikini style panties with the world feminist printed on the bottom. A look so popular they're having a hard time keeping up with the demand. It's for them to feel more comfortable or feel comfortable the day they want to wear it because maybe the next day they want to wear a thong. It's a matter of choice really. Reporter: Fans of me and you posting belfis or bust selfies. They want to see pictures of those who look like them. We like bumples and freckles and cellulite. Here at la petite coquette, the owner said she saw a slight decrease in thong sales. No, one has to rebel against something. 916-year-olds and 18-year-old grew up with their mothers wearing thongs and don't want to be like their mothers. Reporter: Men prefer them in a more understated undie. It's what you don't reveal that is sexy and full coverage shows the outline of a woman's derriere, that's sexy. Reporter: But not all the guys we spoke to were loving this leopard print look. They're full coverage is what we like to call them. What do you think? Not my style. Those look like parachutes. It's like if I jump off that building with that I would live. Reporter: Except for one. I'd be okay with that if it's comfortable for her and -- Ah. I'm coming home! For "Good morning America," Sara Haines, ABC news, New York. And, David, I know you'll have more on this tonight. Much more, in-depth. One underwear story and the whole thing gets thrown around here. I know. Time to be over here for that.

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{"id":31991089,"title":"Goodbye Thongs! 'Granny Panties' Are Making a Comeback","duration":"2:38","description":"Young women are reportedly embracing full-bottomed underwear in place of thongs.","url":"/GMA/video/goodbye-thongs-granny-panties-making-comeback-31991089","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}