'Great Gatsby' Director: 'I Can Feel the Hunger'

Baz Luhrmann discusses teaming up with Leonardo DiCaprio to bring classic story to big screen.
2:40 | 05/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Great Gatsby' Director: 'I Can Feel the Hunger'
Right now though we've met most of the stars of "gatsby" at "gma." They've basically taken over our studio. Leo is next but right now time for the man behind the vision, i had the pleasure to sit down with baz lure men at the f. Scott fitzgerald plaza. And we talked about turning the novel into a 3d wonderland. Three steps back. Reporter: Baz luhrmann gave us strictly ballroom. Transported us to paris in "moulin rouge" and directed a YOUNG leonardo DiCaprio in his version of "romeo and juliet." Now the two team up again to take on an american classic. Gatsby. I can feel the hunger, you know, sometimes it's not there, it's there. It's the film. The book. The fitzgerald thing whips everybody up. Who is this gatsby? Reporter: Perhaps it's the glamour of the era or the legend of jay gatsby. Turns into a dark psychological journey. Gatsby is the hamlet of america. That's what attracted leonardo. He has natural screen glamour. He can't help it. Early on that made him very successful very quickly. He could have cashed that check very easily and lived comfortably but he's only interested in complex challenging acting. Reporter: It is a part tailor made for the 38-year-old oscar nominee, but the role of daisy buchanan was up for grabs. That was a "gone with the wind" search and everyone wanted to play that role. Reporter: Luhrmann and DiCAPRIO KNEW AT HER FIRST Audition it belonged to carey mulligan. Her chemistry with leo impossible to deny. Costumes and sets created by his wife and his attention to detail ledge tri own for the epic 3d party scenes baz just let it roll ♪ a little party never killed nobody ♪ there was a moment where people started jumping in the pool and went crazy and the music stopped and the cameras were rolling and everybody stopped and dripping and all of a sudden all laughing and crying, wasn't that crazy, wasn't that great and I said turn music o again and they all do it again for another 15 minutes and we did it they dropped. So, you know, a little party nearly did damn kill everyone. But they sure did have fun making it. He also says a lot been made about the 3d decision. He loves it and believes it brings moviegoers in the ago. leonardo DiCaprio joins us tomorrow and "the great gatsby" is in theaters tomorrow.

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{"id":19124675,"title":"'Great Gatsby' Director: 'I Can Feel the Hunger'","duration":"2:40","description":"Baz Luhrmann discusses teaming up with Leonardo DiCaprio to bring classic story to big screen.","url":"/GMA/video/great-gatsby-movie-director-baz-luhrmann-feel-hunger-19124675","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}