Newlywed Survives Honeymoon Shark Attack

Man relives the terrifying moments as he stared into the jaws of a shark.
2:11 | 03/24/13

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Transcript for Newlywed Survives Honeymoon Shark Attack
As I understand it, the whole idea behind a shark cage it's supposed to keep the sharks out of the cage. You're right. It didn't work that way for two tourists staring into the jaws of a great white. The man who shot this video is talking about those frightening moments. Reporter: It was the honeymoon that nearly turned into a horror when a newlywed enters a shark cage off the coast of south africa, the great white doesn't stick to the script. Whoa! Reporter: Watch again carefully. You can see the great white thrust its entire head inside the cage. Ignoring food left for bait. It charges straight through the cage. The tourists recorded this newlywed meets shark video. I think he kind of joked, he was unsure that he was going to tell her what happened that day. Reporter: Look again. For a few terrifying seconds, the diver's fate is unknown. My heart definitely stopped. It's easy to assume the worst. Reporter: Cage diving is a popular tourist activity in the seas where sharks abound. But, how safe is it? If the cage is sturdy, it's not dangerous. When it comes to feeding, any time you feed a wild animal there are risks. Roger said that he did swim under. The viewing bar the area that you can look out, his instinct was to go down and avoid where the shark had access to. Everyone is fine. We contacted that cage-diving company in south africa, they said in 16 years they have never seen anything like this. They'll be making their viewing gaps on their cages. My husband went cage diving in that exact same spot, he said that it was fun but he doesn't need to do it again. Thank you, ta coming up here only "good morning

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{"id":18800632,"title":"Newlywed Survives Honeymoon Shark Attack","duration":"2:11","description":"Man relives the terrifying moments as he stared into the jaws of a shark.","url":"/GMA/video/great-white-shark-attacks-dive-cage-18800632","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}