'Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast': Charlie Gibson

Legendary anchor Charlie Gibson stops in and tells us about his summer on Cape Cod with his family.
7:58 | 09/18/13

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Transcript for 'Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast': Charlie Gibson
Well, today is my day on "gma's" "guess who's coming to breakfast" series. So many words to describe the person I invited. And fancy, too. Mimosas here. Legendary is one of the words to describe this -- can't even wait. He's a great friend. Guess who is coming to breakfast. Come on out. Hey. Hi, robin. You changed the lock. I used to have a key to the lock. They've changed the lock. Come on in. One of the best huggers in the world. You are -- miss america, right here. I heard you won the thing. Blue dress. Thank you, charlie. You have the thing in the sock. He wears the microphone in his sock. I never understood that. We did change the locks. I'm sorry about that. When last we saw you -- is this how it is? Food every day. I started this program in 1987. I left in 2006, it was the same set of bagels. It had lasted for 19 years. Now, you get -- look. They're going to bring in eggs benedict. Fancy. You really blew the budget for this. I remember when you left us in 2009. And you said, after almost 20 years, of doing this job, that it wasn't a good morning morning. It was a great morning. And every morning was a great morning for you. What is it about -- there were some. Why does this feel like home to you? I was just talking to jake gyllenhaal out in the hall. Out in the gyllenhaal. And I was saying that it's such an extraordinary program because you're in people's homes at the most intimate time of the day. Breakfast. In the morning, the game face isn't on. The kids are running around like banshees. Only one for you, george. And the beds aren't made. You know, the dishes aren't done. And yet, people say, come into our house and join us. Invite us into their house. And because it's such an intimate time of day, they treat you like a friend. I remember always saying, i would love it when we'd go on the bus trips and you would meet people. It was like you had the millions of friends that you don't know. Or haven't known. And that's really a privilege. Plus, this is a private opinion. It's the best named program in the history of television. To be able to say good morning, america. By the way, I always thought there should be a comma between morning and america. So, please -- amen. Charlie. Good morning, comma, america. People want to know, what have you been doing? They missed you. Nothing. I can tell you, retirement does not improve your golf game. Oh. But I'm on a couple of boards. And nonprofit boards, which is wonderful work. Much involved with the nonpartisan implementation of the health care act. And trying to improve knowledge about that. And on my college's board. And my wife is the chair of her college board. That's important work. Have you been traveling? And the family is growing. A lot of travel. The family is growing. I understand there's pictures. Arlene. And that's lang, who is my 3-year-old grandson. And reese, my 7-year-old grandson. And there's lang and reese together. They live out in seattle. And there's the new one, charlie. Canada. 2 weeks old today. There's me with charlie. Boys in the family. Charlie was born two weeks ago. Charlotte joy to be called charlie. I went into the recovery room just after midnight. And katie's lying there with charlie on her chest. And says, charlie gibson, I want you to meet charlie canada. That's a moment. Great photo also of the whole family. You see a lot of times, cape cod, I know. This is the picture you have. This was before -- this is before charlie was born. This was last summer. And that's my son-in-law, rob. excuse me. Who could it possibly be? Land shark? Come on in. Hey. I wanted to see you. There's no way. The old team has come back. The takeover. Thank you. You didn't bring the bundt cake? All morning long, I was baking. The hours. You don't miss these hours, do you? We do not. We were talking earlier in our lives. Night people. Really night people. It was like getting up in the middle of the night, which is why we could do it all those years. Yeah. Joan lunden used to say, it's the job where you have permanent jet lag. And the other thing is, you get invited to everything. But you can't go. And can't go. That's both good and bad. I remember your wife telling me that you used to sometimes in the middle of dinner parties, get up and lie down under the table and you went to sleep under the table. There was a time at 9:00 on friday night, the kids would say, dad's going away now. I would be awake. But it would be -- however. You were talking about putting our game face on for the cameras. Look at that. You see that? I want to remind everybody -- you don't see everything at home. You wonder what is going on? That was during a presidential news conference. Which wassed a about 10:00 in the morning. We were hung over to do the open and the close. And -- it was a filibuster. It was after -- it was after george had left the white house. We paid attention when you were there, george. A main reason why I wanted both of you here this morning. I had the good fortune of learning from the best. From both of you. I think about you all the time. I'm glad that we're still such good friends. Both of you, both my mother's and father's home going services in mississippi. Forever family. But what we have today and what we're enjoying today, you lai the groundwork. Amen to that. And breakfast wouldn't be the same. Breakfast -- yeah. It's amazing. They have five hosts now. They do a segment. George does a segment every two weeks. It's amazing. We used to be on this whole show. And then, robin came in. And -- we love you, charlie. We love you, diane. We just want to say, though, robin, our job was to look at the light and say, wow. That's all we had to do.

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{"id":20290666,"title":"'Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast': Charlie Gibson","duration":"7:58","description":"Legendary anchor Charlie Gibson stops in and tells us about his summer on Cape Cod with his family.","url":"/GMA/video/guess-coming-breakfast-charlie-gibson-20290666","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}