How-to Guide to Making the Best of Those Christmas Gadgets

Becky Worley shares top tips to get the most out of your holiday gifts.
4:05 | 12/25/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How-to Guide to Making the Best of Those Christmas Gadgets
Now that you hopefully have gotten that really cool gift that you wanted, it's time to figure out how to get the gadgets to work and make sure they don't break. Never fear, though. Our tech guru, becky worley is here, with great tips. Thank you. Great to have you in person. Usually see you by skype. In my kitchen. But I'm here to help you with all of the gadgets you received as gifts. One of the biggest gifts of the year, ipads, iphones. Let's start with them. How do we protect them? This is the time. You got your great gadget. If you're in love with it, take care of your little baby, okay? What you're trying to avoid is turning this into this. Ooh. We do not want the cracked screen. It is like one fall and it can happen. Absolutely. And especially when teens are getting these gifts. The thing you'll notice is a lot of people say, put a case on it right away. This thing is like a tank. Putting this in your pocket is a serious endeavor. There are some with a little more silicone with rounded corners. Those seem to do the best job protecting you. I do a lot of drop testing, intentionally and unintentionally. And what really makes a difference is a screen protector. When you put one of these on your phone, it really helps to protect the screen. And it's the least intrusive. Get a screen protector on, if you do nothing else for your new baby. And the cases, they don't cost a lot of money. And if you get a bright one, ladies, you can see it at the bottom of your purse, instead of the black phone. What about insurance? That's a new thing. We've seen warranties in the past. And people took you off it and said, don't get the warranty. These days, when you're talking about an item, maybe you got it for 200 bucks. But replacing it w cost $500. Here's my rule of thumb. If you work outdoors, you're prone to dropping this thing in the toilet, or give to a teen, think about insurance. There's companies like square trade or your carrier, especially, is offering these. The rest of us, maybe you can get away with not getting the insurance. It's worth looking into, at least. What about if we've upgraded? We've gotten a really fancy phone. And upgrading from the old-school. 62% of us, according to a survey by a company called lookout, 62% of us have gadgets stuffed in a drawer. Turn those into dollars. Sell them now. You can use gazelle.Com, key exchange. YOU CAN USE eBAY. That's where I found you get the best prices. But what you need to know is they lose value the longer they sit in the drawer.M now. Great advice. Big question how do I get the new gadget to work? Right. I'm dying to use it. My kids go through this. They get this thing and I'm so scared for that. Right. You have lots of different services that are available to you. You know about the geek squad. That's a subscription service. If you get a new mac, you can go to apple and get their one-to-one training services, where they give you weekly lessons for $99 a year. My best advice, find a geeky kid in the neighborhood. The price is right. They're more flexible. And they'll be responding to your ever embarrassing question. I want you to get to your last test. The one thing I recommend on christmas, is to bust out the freezer bags and the sharpies. Every new gadget. You label what it is. The warranty, the instructions, extra cables and everything you get with it. Only then do you throw it into that drawer. When you want to sell it on GAZELLE OR eBAY. Or you need the cord. I'm here for you. We thank you so much. Merry christmas. Same to you.

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{"id":18060723,"title":"How-to Guide to Making the Best of Those Christmas Gadgets","duration":"4:05","description":"Becky Worley shares top tips to get the most out of your holiday gifts.","url":"/GMA/video/guide-making-best-christmas-gadgets-18060723","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}