How to Handle Roads Covered in Deadly Black Ice

Never apply brakes or correct steering if you feel your vehicle starting to slip.
1:53 | 02/16/15

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Transcript for How to Handle Roads Covered in Deadly Black Ice
7:41 and we're back for more on the dangerous winter weather affecting several parts of the country. Black ice and whiteout conditions a major concern. Our gio Benitez is on the road showing us all what we can do to keep the family safe. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, Lara. We are in the ABC news road cam with our team here on the I-95 corridor. Lots of accidents happened here. This morning we're talking about black ice. That's that invisible sheet of ice on the roads during these frijtd temperatures. You can't see it but you definitely can feel it. From a dramatic snowy pileup in Ohio involving a tractor-trailer to five cars slipping and sliding into each other in Vermont. Whiteout conditions and invisible black ice reeking havoc on the roads. Remember the massive 170 car pileup in Michigan just last month? In the midst of blinding lake-effect snow a truck full of fireworks exploding and one person killed. This morning there are things you can do right now to stay safe on the roads. First, no when black ice forms. If rain is falling and the air is at 32 degrees or below, chances are black ice is on the road. Slick-looking road, no water on my windshield. Below freezing. These are ingredients for cause to skid out and crash. Reporter: It's most likely to form on shaded roads and on bridges and overpasses. If you hit black ice, don't hit the brakes. Just lift your foot off the accelerator and don't overcorrect your steer if the car slides. It will take twice as long for your car to stop on black ice. While you're trying to avoid snow on the road, if you hit black ice, head toward that snow, you'll want your tires to grab hold of it. Some great tips. We thank you so much, coming up

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{"duration":"1:53","description":"Never apply brakes or correct steering if you feel your vehicle starting to slip.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28995432","title":"How to Handle Roads Covered in Deadly Black Ice","url":"/GMA/video/handle-roads-covered-deadly-black-ice-28995432"}