Happy Lei Day: Learn How to Make Hawaiian Symbol of Love

Kelly Cobb from 2h Flowers explains the significance of the lei and how you can make your own.
4:24 | 05/01/13

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Transcript for Happy Lei Day: Learn How to Make Hawaiian Symbol of Love
To make -- -- and it. We please start by telling us who you are an end of the importance of the late day -- -- and -- found THI yeah. And thankfully today eighty that he -- celebrating May Day. And know -- the significance of electric ad system mall the love and affection and I didn't get in as a Great Dane and sometimes doesn't bear. So evident enough -- and sent them love a symbol of love is still legally called for two weeks. And Kelly. I -- flowers or are these orchids. Few -- and Caribbean arts and and is not a traditional Arab and Arabic not done anything they can be lots of different Larry -- Allen Benson at least Myanmar as tourists and the type of land that we had seen -- -- -- that you're seeing the -- are seeing. Need obviously this is essentially he had this is there -- this is. President and I think generally not a fan yes straight through wearing a horrendous ever need the flower backing here -- -- I'm only get a. Finally asked his big fat to do with kids and he could -- I mean if you. Could you -- money is real flowers you can also do use you can do -- -- -- -- -- this -- a little and went my impression of that then. Up through the bottom until a little Chester England -- -- -- talked to the focuses on the. Data we did we opened the the the resort Gilani and there were some folks who are making -- that this is the most peaceful. And -- -- in the world and she said you know a lot of the times we think about as we're doing this we think about the people they were making for. -- it's just like you put so much love and good spirit. Into this -- that when you give it to someone it's just like this amazing. You know gift I'm thinking of view -- think you know you right now we I mean and I am gas. -- -- I want to ask you know the answer is let's be honest -- we're here to crack down and it's not. That can't be comfortable in pre dawn -- It just -- that makes you happy I mean. I'd imagine that just doing what it is you guys are doing for us all morning long here that you did couldn't do it Abiola -- B but can you get tracing the idea that there and somebody an -- question what what what what's it what is it to do I mean is it it. What -- it looks like it just makes you guys is happy that makes everybody else. I think. The -- that we have. With our culture and. Yeah and it's also ensure they're they're going through on this and so and it isn't isn't a dance that that does bring a smile to your face what at what age did you all start to learn -- I said in nineteen real. And I really -- there isn't something that we could learn I act. Or is -- some I mean you start doing. Glad I don't worry -- -- on your own little element she -- is something there to kind of -- right yeah yeah yeah. Hero like the. Your hips don't -- As a mom never -- that's got a little. Should she take issues off public. Carolina. And that they should definitely on an exhausting glare yes. I'm not looking at -- -- lawyer of the that's right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I'm -- -- Look -- really good yeah. -- yeah. Earlier -- McNamara -- like. Sharp knives don't stick incident like hey you wanna dance. -- -- -- Everything isn't going on I'm sitting here and I'm -- -- hands in -- I'm not sharp knives. Could you circle your hands I want to thank everybody yeah -- telling back to -- the lovely dancers and -- Polynesian cultural. Related all of you.

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{"id":19083199,"title":"Happy Lei Day: Learn How to Make Hawaiian Symbol of Love","duration":"4:24","description":"Kelly Cobb from 2h Flowers explains the significance of the lei and how you can make your own.","url":"/GMA/video/happy-lei-day-learn-make-hawaiian-symbol-love-19083199","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}