Happy Mutt Day From 'GMA Live'

"Phil on the Street" asks passersby in New York how they're celebrating.
3:41 | 07/31/13

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Transcript for Happy Mutt Day From 'GMA Live'
Is what. The national mustang is now that's not my day but. Celebrate well diversity and the dog -- so -- and Delmon fill out on the street are still pockets street it's now. My -- 2013. -- it's not much different story. I don't know what you need to confront the snowman are not. Not many children thanks you know family they're -- now. -- -- -- -- -- -- If you don't want. -- -- That's the -- you -- -- national -- I carry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. Among them that although he -- -- was abject terror that. -- think -- hit people who wants money here's the deal though -- can we just talk about you going to a dog park barefoot. No -- -- there's a couple days in the pool you don't there's a couple things you can't going to adopt or bear. That's seen the stuff that happens -- the dog park. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Obstacles. There was a woman that got very upset that somebody who say they start fighting very and again we have -- -- it. Yes I disliked -- regions. Give me a -- out of -- and you. We passed back and tell you right now we should the situation when you are the -- of autonomy is in the park yet the Bruins winners when -- -- -- Or my I didn't I got other -- -- her duties are -- -- and we're yeah. And I'll be fun someone's got a mountain Mon Friday its uttered want to show at least Larry we don't -- -- -- how she came out and it's always a -- -- almost got crowned on that party bus Garrett we remember you wanted to stop signs -- it's a stop light on what the sixth avenue heading up to the part she'd -- happened to do this it wants a little -- definitely it was have a level we and the very first time. And we were all kind of like really joyous about being on the bus you know how we get we're all together drew the yeah. Let's hope we -- -- it is a -- about it I. Can -- that you know can you tell if I don't remember we probably hadn't been -- but yet solaris turned around Josh are facing it. And then it in in -- this I swear to -- this long bar that has the traffic lights on it. That is about head level and work crews and -- street and we're just like yeah. -- grabbed her and put her down and that thing just shouldn't. Pass is right over again it was -- now we literally as he -- -- he jumps over the comes somebody and you eat normally I don't roundup ready he's amazed.

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{"id":19827065,"title":"Happy Mutt Day From 'GMA Live'","duration":"3:41","description":"\"Phil on the Street\" asks passersby in New York how they're celebrating.","url":"/GMA/video/happy-mutt-day-gma-live-19827065","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}