22 States Under Heat Advisories

The worst heat wave of 2013 now spreads from Illinois to Massachusetts.
3:00 | 07/18/13

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Transcript for 22 States Under Heat Advisories
Let's get to sam, out there in times square, with the deadly heat wave smothering so much of the country right now. This is a big one today and for tomorrow. Look at the jumbotron. That's what our heat index level is in times square right now. It feels like 87 degrees. The normal high temperature in times square is 85 degrees. The real numbers are going into THE 90s. The heat index, going from 100 to 110. That's in an awful lot of the country again. This deadly summer heat wave. And the summer sizzle continues to blanket the u.S. It feels like they're going to explode. It's so hot. Reporter:22 states from north dakota to massachusetts are now under heat advisories and warnings. And the health effects are getting more serious. In new hampshire, four children left in a car with the windows lled up were taken to the hospital after suffering heat-related symptoms. Dangerously high temperatures have been blamed for one death. On tuesday, a 78-year-old a alzheimer's patient died after wandering away from his home. The blistering sun, causing roads to buckle, like this one on long island. And train delays. New jersey transit riders stranded wednesday because overhead power license plates were sagging from the high temperatures. In washington, d.C., Testing how hot it gets after 30 minutes in a car. We approached 125 degrees in the car. I'm completely miserable. Reporter: A reminder, heat killing more people than tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and lightning combined. It can be brutal at times. Reporter: That's why firefighters take this seriously. In toledo, ohio, wearing 70 pounds of gear, they are diligent about staying hydrated. We think we're stronger than the heat. That's because your body doesn't let you know you're having a problem until it starts shutting down. Make sure injury cool, reasonably comfortable. We're going to stop about levels today and tomorrow. We're going to concentrate on what it feels like to you. We're going to feel like 108 in washington. Your body will feel like 101 in new york. It will feel like 105 in st. Louis. 103 in nashville. Those are very real numbers and difficult for people to move around in for at least two more days.

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{"id":19696793,"title":"22 States Under Heat Advisories","duration":"3:00","description":"The worst heat wave of 2013 now spreads from Illinois to Massachusetts.","url":"/GMA/video/heat-wave-2013-illinois-massachusetts-22-states-heat-19696793","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}