What a Heated Basketball Game Can Do to a Coach's Body

Michigan State's coach Tom Izzo allowed "Nightline" to track his vital signs under stress of a loss.
3:00 | 03/19/14

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Transcript for What a Heated Basketball Game Can Do to a Coach's Body
This is coach Tom -- One of -- highest paid coaches in college basketball in the heat of the game that pressure. That's the best. -- -- -- It's all part of a long tradition of coaches who appeared to be going -- -- -- Looks like he. And sun goes straight into -- full tilt meltdown prepared. And -- UPC. And -- just just. Coaches are no stranger to help -- As seen in this dramatic video NFL head coach Gary Kubiak suddenly collapsed on the deal Blassie's. A few years back. Duke coach Mike -- just -- being sued in the middle of the skinny build what does all this hair pulling. Foot stomping and hand wringing due to oneself. -- -- -- -- To find out Nightline was granted unprecedented. Access -- wires and Michigan State coach during an actual game. Tracking is breathing rate and heart rate so I just -- pop this and pop that -- And we even had him swallow a sensor that tracks is core body temperature. So what you expect to find out. I don't think anybody understands all the things that you go through. Maybe the biggest want to stress. And and it's Friday one of the harder ones to measure. Tom's wife Lupe knows the drill. But what will our experiment reveal. Is her -- stressful job putting him at risk that is very stressful there's so much -- that comes in two. -- the basketball program. So yeah he dares stressed we -- -- to doctors doctor Redford Williams join me courtside. And doctor as acted in Nightline -- one of the nation's top cardiologists. Number one cause -- stress is a sense that -- -- world outside -- the monitors are set our cameras are rolling. It's -- time. At the start coach Izzo seems pretty call breathing easy fourteen breaths for -- minute. Heart rate 68 beats -- But as things get going -- -- game. His heart rate rises even from just hearing his own name being. When the opposing team scored the first basket his -- Things can happen -- irregular heartbeats that become permanent. They can be -- is cutting costs strokes the -- faith. Coaches -- team is losing big time. -- -- having an impact on his body. -- -- never supposed to very much if it does go up even to the degree that it went up with coaches though it means that his body skewing. -- he stressed with BP T by that stress. He's in his teens starts to rally. Finally he uses -- gets -- break when we're. When the game starts up again. It doesn't look good for his team. Yeah. The -- three start calling fouls and his -- gets -- Really now is now he's -- he's in the control room the crew finds his nose reactions. Downright entertaining. -- -- but doctor Oz says this is potentially dangerous and. Dealing with a quick sudden burst of anxiety like who called you up to -- -- about -- news is one thing. Having chronic stress that never gets better but even more detrimental. He's is -- reach their peak. His core body temperature climbs to 100 degrees in his heart rate spikes to a game high 135. Beats per minute. That's 70% of his -- heart rate which is the same percentage experienced by a marathon -- -- -- Hasn't even left -- But it seems. Weeks -- in his heart rate and body -- begin to taper off almost as if his body is conceding defeat. The giving up process allowed Joseph Biden come back down to a normal place but that's of course what happens no matter what you -- win you win or lose -- by quits. Visitors -- this stage was supposed to win this game but they lost by seven points. We met up with in the next day to show on the results of our -- -- Package. -- little bit of a tough game but probably the ideal gained rusted wire you up and take -- What's really going on right who wanted to see disappointment you know -- might. Heart stopped because of some of the things that went on. Another play where -- got a little upset in this time you physically. Didn't jump stay and we're very passionate I -- gymnastics in the Olympics on the civilians and one of those 360s. It was kind of a poor version and definitely thought there was a foul called on that critical critical moments. Coach Izzo didn't seem surprised by that did -- we found during our real time stress -- Yeah Italian in the media and emotions are warned -- the sleeve and if you can -- was something positive. But make my wife happy my maker said the on the insurance policies paid up. But the results of our unique experiment revealed that. Every time coaches -- heart rate spike to speed quickly returned to a more normal levels this shows that. His heart he's in good shape but is this kind of internal roller -- dangerous for your long term. Now I kind of a chronic appearance can lead to longer permission through immune system. Because we've probably blood pressure secrecy chronic stress environment with a -- -- is always under attack. Keeping call isn't exactly part of the coach's job description ton is just really passionate and he does then it makes words he says would. Nancy mean thirty. Says why don't try to -- my emotions very often sometimes gets me in trouble sometimes not most coaches you know they have their moments. But I think that they've gotten this part because they can. Handled things you know because there's stressful things that. Happen each and every day and -- jobs for Nightline I'm John bring kids in East Lansing, Michigan.

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{"id":22967447,"title":"What a Heated Basketball Game Can Do to a Coach's Body","duration":"3:00","description":"Michigan State's coach Tom Izzo allowed \"Nightline\" to track his vital signs under stress of a loss.","url":"/GMA/video/heated-basketball-game-coachs-body-22967447","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}