Hertz car rental faces lawsuit for allegedly deceitful 'toll service' fees

The "GMA" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
4:50 | 03/03/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hertz car rental faces lawsuit for allegedly deceitful 'toll service' fees
Back now with our big board and Dan Abrams is here at the table. We'll get to your story in just a second there, Dan. First we got that big question, could your rental car company be ripping you off? The city of San Francisco is suing hertz paying excessive amounts in toll fees across the golden gate bridge and David Kerley is joining us now. What is the city accusing hertz of doing? When you rent a car it often as a transponder and going through a toll it will trigger it and the companies are charging a convenience fee and what San Francisco is alleging hertz is charging that every day even if you don't go through another toll up to 25 bucks for your rental. And hertz says they won't comment. They're in the middle of a lawsuit but it's not just in San Francisco, a New Mexico senator sent this letter to the ftc saying, listen, sometimes rental companies are charging five times the tolls in these convenience fees. One estimate puts it at $250 million that the car companies, the rental car companies are making from these fees. When you get the bill and sometimes you're like, wow, that was more than I thought. What did people need to know when they rent a car. What questions should they ask? Looking for is the point, Amy. You feed to look at the fine print, right. It says, listen if you trigger a toll we'll charge you this convenience fee. So look at it, try to opt out. In that San Francisco case, San Francisco is saying that hertz makes it difficult to opt out. If you have a transponder bring it along with you and use your transponder if it works in the city you're in and ultimate thing stay away from the tolls. Take another route. Use your gps to say go around the tolls. Don't want to be charged. Good advice. I'm digging the vest. Safety first. Thank you, David. All right, next up we've got a battle of the trump impersonators after the president announced he is skipping the white house correspondents' dinner. A slew of actors including Alec Baldwin offering to stand in for trump but Baldwin on Wednesday night's "Jimmy Kimmel" taking aim at a rival comedian. Take a look. Interesting how there are people now that he's not going to the white house correspondents' dinner there are people lobbying to play trump at the white house correspondents' dinner and a couple guys on the internet, no, please, I'm the only man who should play trump. All right. So we've got Dan Abrams here and apparently Baldwin's comments on Kimmel sparked a Twitter war. Tell us what happened. There are two guys who have been doing this impersonation of trump and Bernie Sanders, Anthony tamanac and James domi and clearly tamanac believes it's a reference to him and makes a comment about Baldwin and Baldwin makes a snarky response. Adamian says Anthony atam nuke auditioned for "Snl" last year and then they used his audition tape to rip. Alec Baldwin never shy to a fight says, oh, James, I'd sue for you but the only thing you have is bitterness and obscurity. Bottom line is Alec Baldwin is not going to sue. I didn't that you can to Alec Baldwin but this but I am telling you as a matter of law when looking at the tweets he's not going to sue. But it is interesting -- an interesting legal question on the impercent nations. Well, you know, let's look at the impersonations talking about them, let's judge for ourself. Here they are back-to-back. I am so excited to live in the white house. I'm even going to have a little pet like all the presidents do, Bill Clinton had socks, Barack Obama had beau. I love Christie. I threw a paper clip at him during one of the debates and it went into orbit and I promise you if I become president we will name it a moon in our solar system. So, both clearly believe that Alec Baldwin kind of knocked off that -- Aren't they just knocking off trump? Exactly, exactly. He's knocking off somebody. How much different can you be when you're -- One of the big claims is the use of the word Jina for China. No one is suing anybody but it's interesting to think about this idea of could someone sue -- Can you? It would be really hard. Really hard. That's good. To win. Can't we just laugh? So, I don't think it's going to happen. Let's enjoy both of their impersonations. Exactly. But the fight -- I enjoy watching the Twitter wars, as well. Dan, David, thank you both.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45881759","title":"Hertz car rental faces lawsuit for allegedly deceitful 'toll service' fees","url":"/GMA/video/hertz-car-rental-faces-lawsuit-allegedly-deceitful-toll-45881759"}