Former Classmate of Bombing Suspect: 'Absolutely Shocking and Horrifying'

Sierra Schwartz describes alleged bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as a "nice guy" in high school.
4:20 | 04/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former Classmate of Bombing Suspect: 'Absolutely Shocking and Horrifying'
Hearts are Nance suspect number -- high school classmate Sierra Schwartz she was a Cambridge -- in Latin school. With suspect number two for many years in Sierra -- spoke with us earlier and talked about how to -- was Smart nice funny athletic. So many wonderful attributes. For someone who is done something so horrible. Talk a little bit more about -- High school student that you knew. Shopping on the high school student that I knew I schools that. On my classmates knew is the exact opposite of the person that's been committing these crimes and doing these horrible things he was. You know good student -- very nice person it's just absolutely shocking and horrifying for all of us it's. It just it seems like a nightmare week it's hard to believe that that someone that you know was so friendly and funny just a couple of years ago could have done these kinds of things. We're definitely -- staying really strong as a community and supporting one another because you know the fact -- just happened under our noses and meet none of us had any ideas that incredibly. Stop right there were no warning signs whatsoever and as so money officials are trying to figure out why -- and collectively to country trying to figure out why. Can you tell us anything that if he was vocal about politics or religion. I'm he was not about either he was a very nice guy -- -- that kind of talk about what any other high -- talk about he never mentioned any sort of religion any sort of politics. He was just a very you know normally easygoing funny kind of guy just. It seems like something must have happened after after we knew him because this just seems like an absolute. 180. Switch and a personality it's it's actually shocking. You know I wish I could say that there were some sort of warning sign and we knew our son wade you know had -- seen -- but they're absolutely -- so it's it's very hard. -- talk a little bit about his behavior in high school for those who are joining us now. And talk a little bit about he was a team player he was on -- sports yet you say he was an honor classes give us a sense of what he was like and who was involved within. And who his friends work. -- -- You know I had I had my class at hand -- acting -- together and he was always you know funny and and and you know. They're -- warning signs I know that -- a lot of cases -- -- stuff like this happens the person was you know include better. Away from the group but you know his friends were involved he was -- involves it. It's very. There is off using gays and usually when you when you know someone -- high school who who is that apple ball -- and that popular. You know their family you know their siblings -- sound like he he had two sisters he we know he had an older brother. And his parents were apparently in the states here with him in Boston up until last year winning her back to Russia where you familiar with anyone familiar with his spam link. Nom -- and I didn't know his family I didn't know anything about his by the sisters I'm sure people that we're closer with an ice -- him. But from my perspective I knew -- was just can't in high school but act I hadn't heard anything suspicious about it family. None of us knew anything. Really -- apart from -- who he wasn't his. -- -- here this is George Stephanopoulos here to here are expressing any kind of strong political feelings. In any -- -- nothing at all religious feelings and anyway. Not at all not at all -- I really you know eight. He never ever I mean really all he talked about was just like normal teenage -- things that everyone talks about you know music -- What was going on that -- and high school he never seems like. A person that would would be able to -- -- CN. Let me entity ever have a girlfriend Lydia curry and I do the things that normal high school students lived in and that's asks because -- close when. He was close. If GL -- my high school about a class 300 accurate and it ends -- The kids that you took honors classes together and -- the heat he was he kind of floated between a bunch of people like that before he was a light itself. I don't know about his girlfriend I'm sure people that he had him -- Q but. He never seem suspicious at all. And that is certainly chilling indeed knowing what we know now Sierra Schwartz thank you so much for joining us we really appreciate the insight you gas. -- --

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{"id":18997718,"title":"Former Classmate of Bombing Suspect: 'Absolutely Shocking and Horrifying'","duration":"4:20","description":"Sierra Schwartz describes alleged bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as a \"nice guy\" in high school. ","url":"/GMA/video/high-school-classmate-bombing-suspect-absolutely-shocking-horrifying-18997718","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}