High School Sweethearts Get a Special Surprise Wedding

Larry and Kelcie's inspiring story is one many will remember.
3:48 | 08/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for High School Sweethearts Get a Special Surprise Wedding
? Well you ? Now an inspirational story about two high school sweethearts Larry and Kelsey always knew they would get married someday but this young couple has had to overcome some incredible challenges and as they prepare for that special day they're getting a very special surprise. On the finish line. Reporter: He was a high school track and football phenom. She was student body vice president. Best friends since grade school Larry Ragsdale and Kelsey yeoman dated through high school and knew they would marry one day. He's the most genuine and honest and perfect guy ever in the world. Reporter: But tragedy threatened their fairy tale life as they drove by an accident scene one might. I'm like, that's my mom's car. I'm like, is she dead? Larry was just holding me and crying. He was there for you. He told my mom he said I promised her that day that I will take care of you forever. Reporter: They soldiered on together. Oh. Reporter: He bought a ring and planned to propose at disneyland. But three days later a drunk driver hit the car Larry was driving head on. Kelsey arrived at the scene first. I was just screaming at him, come on. Live. He survived with significant head trauma and brain damage. Your whole life changed in an instant. Kelsey began working to help with Larry's therapy. He's still the same guy in there and he still loves me more than anything. To me that was the most important thing. A lot of people I'm going to go with most people would have walked away eventually. It's too hard and it wouldn't mean that you didn't love him but you're 24 years old. What makes you stay? That never ever crossed my mind. Truly and I know that if I had been in an accident and had survived, I know Larry would have stayed with me because that was the kind of love that we had for each other. Reporter: Larry never forgot about the ring or his plans to propose to Kelsey. ? and so with the same ring he purchased three years before, he did just that in this incredible moment. ? Say you will ? when you look at the two of you, you haven't stopped smiling. You bring out my smile. Their dream was to get married at disneyland but they couldn't afford it. So Kelsey's sister posted this video online and donations poured in and next week they will have their dream wedding at disneyland four years and a lifetime in the making. Just the love and support we've seen from people that we have no, you know, no clue who they are, where they live. But what Kelsey and Larry don't know, we have something in store for them straight from disneyland. We have a little surprise for you. Oh, my gosh. It is by royal decree that you are destowed with a magical five-night honeymoon at the disneyland resort, a place where fairy tales and dreams really do come true. Their reaction, absolutely priceless. And to see the love radiating between these two. I'll marry you right now. The most heartwarming site. I love you.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"Larry and Kelcie's inspiring story is one many will remember.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25126849","title":"High School Sweethearts Get a Special Surprise Wedding","url":"/GMA/video/high-school-sweethearts-surprise-wedding-25126849"}