High-Tech Collar Monitors Polar Bear's Behavior

A GoPro camera attached to Tasul, a polar bear at the Oregon Zoo, shows her point of view.
2:34 | 07/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for High-Tech Collar Monitors Polar Bear's Behavior
-- -- yeah. There. Yeah. -- We get a lot of questions about -- fossils wearing a collar went to hasn't -- and it's it's part of a research project we're collaborating with aids scientists from the US Geological Survey. And he has a lot of questions about how polar bears behave in the wild it's very difficult to study -- it's it's actually notoriously difficult and expensive to get to where they are. And directly observe their behavior so what we've got an opportunity to do here at the -- zoo. It's -- jostled to Wear that -- what he's putting in there is an -- Celeron -- -- that similar something you would find in your Smart found anti your phone knows when you're turning it upside down or sideways and so it's responding to very subtle motions on the bears part walking sitting. Even sleeping for long periods of time or running. Yeah -- can actually videotaped her wearing the collar. And match the signals that he's getting. With the behaviors of -- performing. And when he goes and puts a collar on a wild -- he can interpret those signals actually analyzed what kind of behaviors that polar bears doing minute -- minute. This model is just -- training and a wild -- any -- to install a quick release mechanism letting it happen caller follow up once they -- decades. Now -- she's wearing a caller we're actually able to mount a small camera on the -- south to really get people polar Bear's eye view. Brussels really responded well to the -- -- used to spending time with -- keepers every morning and learning new behaviors and cooperating with them. This is really just one more challenge for her and she seemed very Anderson and participated willingly. I think she's a very serious -- seems like she is very interesting all the extra attention to. And we can help biologists. Develops tools to. Better and more quickly understand what -- -- doing and how -- respond to changes. I really think that's one of the roles of us and we want educator visitors and want to get them excited about polar bears. We want them to think about their actions in relation to climate change. We'll also want to make sure that these animals when possible are contributing to the larger base of knowledge about their --

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{"id":19829869,"title":"High-Tech Collar Monitors Polar Bear's Behavior","duration":"2:34","description":"A GoPro camera attached to Tasul, a polar bear at the Oregon Zoo, shows her point of view.","url":"/GMA/video/high-tech-collar-monitors-polar-bears-behavior-19829869","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}