Mark Messier 'Guarantees' New 3-Wheel Motorcyle

NY Rangers hockey legend promotes Can-Am Spyder open air vehicle in new ad.
3:00 | 04/02/14

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Transcript for Mark Messier 'Guarantees' New 3-Wheel Motorcyle
The sports legend here. Forty years ago New York Rangers captain Mark Messier made a historic guarantee of the likes of Babe Ruth and Joseph name if facing elimination from the playoffs Clark guaranteed that the Rangers would win and not only. Did they do just that but mark scored an incredible three bulls better known as -- hat trick. They say that then he went on to the Stanley Cup and now broke the curse that kept the -- out of Manhattan for over fifty years. And mark is back at it helping New Yorkers with a knack for delivering on guaranties check it out. You know it's running. Ever since then I've had this knack for guaranteeing things that's almost but some kind of superpower. I guarantee this guy here his name is Bob what's just -- -- -- -- -- -- I guarantee these girls -- from the Japanese city besides. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This guy behind me he's -- order to hot dog with mustard and a pretzel. Have to live dogs and Austin and a pretzel. Boy seven pounds six ounces. Car -- and I guarantee it in three -- warns. Here's something else they guarantee each other new -- -- -- absolutely love the ride. I guarantee it. No -- CMA line welcome. One of the greatest hockey -- the ball -- marking the messiah and as CNN. Yeah unseated butter and jelly I don't like that I didn't had breakfast what is normally -- -- -- cream -- that look I don't really fun interviews yes -- you got to. This is that -- I want -- -- depends I love have forecast that that like now casting -- as it's happening yes I would like to have that real like myself. The power of a television commercial. No and then you have that's how well can well believe that I had to have the right time -- again. We'll and that's what everybody really you you're so known for that those of Tillis and about the devil how could you guarantee that. Yeah I think it to really stem from president has been a captain where you're really trying to do is -- engaged in due to the mentality of Virginia -- -- coffers to team on a daily basis there we found ourselves a tough series against New Jersey. We've lost momentum and made colossal confidence in this series I felt in my heart that we had expected to be enough team to beat New Jersey and -- going to win the Stanley Cup. And I was trying to find a way to instill the confidence of mutual and all year. Did in the intention was directed better team. And what it failed to think through was that every other new Yorker and and especially New -- double we're -- -- be read the same headlines that the next morning. But -- -- point for me it didn't really matter if -- -- really was a vote trying to instill confidence and try to find a way to win that one particular. And it works and we're well well and it worked do you and -- have a lot of fun with the video because of yes like. Here it was really did you know I've I've done a few things and over my career I always. To really tried to focus more so talking. But because of things they did do were long lasting relationship just commercial here was I was really won't shot lot of people who were fun to work with and we're tolerant with me trying to get the lines note and remember the lines. I didn't have cue cards and all that kind of thing in. So wasn't easy but it turned out really good and it seemed to be just the rate timing in the -- kind of rating for this time a year of coming up on the one year anniversary. Why don't New York's streets -- I was struck right outside we had we're in the -- we're down on. -- history I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah the the white frame on the -- fighters what kind of differentiated his funeral feeling of stability control because of that -- has -- -- -- in this in a single wheel. -- -- in the rear which. You know for people that have opener writers love that we can really kind of gives back conference. And it's getting in right center without -- like yeah with a sense this is what's -- seven automotive technologies and it's so it's really a highly technical. You know. Marvel in the way in the opener writings. Possible we have a super fan here -- Mark Messier Malario. I -- on the way and Howard got this idea because he's an area. -- the one thing you until I was wondering if you could make a comeback -- -- captain this season after their playoff rounds. I don't fingering you need much right now there would have eight and one runner whatever it is or their play and best argument maybe some of the best hockey league -- so. I have that ship sailed a long time ago from -- I have but 1 thing I am Smart enough to guarantee that I won't be ligament comes back. My idols and thank you very multimillion thank you very much objection to give him -- thank you sir. -- children elderly clean that would allay the cold. So much for being here thank you -- really really in an obviously very much others -- until maybe -- coaching at a -- well with. We'll see what her Travolta who put that -- ethnic get it back.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"NY Rangers hockey legend promotes Can-Am Spyder open air vehicle in new ad.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23158293","title":"Mark Messier 'Guarantees' New 3-Wheel Motorcyle","url":"/GMA/video/hockey-player-mark-messier-guarantees-wheel-motorcyle-23158293"}