Holiday Do's and Don'ts for Family Gift Gatherings

The best rules for regifting, how to manage the in-laws for holidays.
3:00 | 12/25/13

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Transcript for Holiday Do's and Don'ts for Family Gift Gatherings
Everybody, out there, celebrating in their own special way. And we love it all. Great christmas spirit all morning. And we're determined to end it. We're going to debate the issues that people have. Dan abrams and jane here. Jane, thank you for coming. Thank you. Thanks for having me. We are. These are debates that everybody does have. Everybody does think about. We're going to start out with the one about how long -- we've seen the over-the-top christmas decorations everywhere. The big question is, how long do they stay up? I TAKE MINE DOWN JANUARY 1st. I figure, it's a great day. You're at home all day. My husband's home all day. And you start the new year fresh. I like it. I like watching football all DAY ON JANUARY 1st. Isn't that a great football day? I like to watch the decorations be taken down on new year's day. Yeah. My husband kind of likes that, too. I like to see them early. All these people complain when they go up early. To me, it's -- I like it. I'm good with november. Day after thanksgiving is great. Is that when they go up at your house? We don't always make it. In l.A., In a department store, on my birthday, which i KNOW YOU KNOW, SEPTEMBER 18th. Somebody who says january 1st. I like a week later. I do, too. I like to keep it later. I'm late getting them up. They're falling down. The 12 days of christmas. I like all of that. When santa's growing beard. What are the rules for regifting? I think regifting is great. I'd like some disclosure, though. If you're going to regift -- be honest. Be honest about it. And say, you know what? By the way, I got this as a gift. Look, I -- no. Plausible deniability. You might get caught. There might be that little thing that leads you to get caught. I have a personal story with this. Yeah. That's it. You're not even going to take the time to comb through it to make sure -- yeah. I think there's a way to it. I think everybody's done it. No. If you know the person would like it. I have a problem with some people have a closet full of gifts that they have received for the intent of regifting. Yes. That, I think is a little -- quick turnaround for you is okay. It is. The things I always regift are the wine bags you get. When people give you champagne or wine and a nice set. I take the booze out. And I put my own bottle back into that bag. At that point, if somebody gave you a fantastic bottle of wine. But you had one and you wanted to give it to a friend -- wine, I don't know. The rules on wine may be a little different. No disclosure on wine. No disclosure on wine. Okay. How long should relatives stay for the holidays? Never. Three days. Three days I think is fine. Then, it's like -- you mean three days after christmas? No. Three total. And then, you start charging. Tough girl. How do you get them out, though, after three nights? What's the key phrase that says, you know -- I'm thinking -- maybe you work that outside already. Change the locks. I don't know. You can stay as long as you want. It depends on who it is. Right. Over the holidays is tough. I think over the holidays, especially if they come a long way. But I think you have to respect that after a couple 06 dof days, the family has to get back to business and life resumes. Hey, let's go for a drive. To the airport. Once again, merry christmas. I told you it was going to ruin the christmas spirit. Merry christmas. Don't walk into traffic. Dan, thank you. Thanks, you guys.

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{"id":21333493,"title":"Holiday Do's and Don'ts for Family Gift Gatherings","duration":"3:00","description":"The best rules for regifting, how to manage the in-laws for holidays.","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-dos-donts-family-gift-gatherings-21333493","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}