Holiday Shopping: Last-Minute Deals

There are still great deals available just days before Christmas.
2:14 | 12/21/12

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Transcript for Holiday Shopping: Last-Minute Deals
Now, to the final holiday shopping frenzy. Just four days left to get the gifts for christmas. If you're not done yet, don't panic. There's still some great deals out there. And abc's becky worley tells us where to find the very best ones. Reporter: Be it a big box, a local boutique, or the good, old mall. You may not find a parking spot this weekend. But you're sure to find some delicious deals. Why? Well, consumers have waited longer than usual to wrap up their shopping. So, retailers are ready to slash prices. Big, across-the-board discounts are cong. Let's start with clothes. Aeropostale, a staple for the teen set, has 60% off everything. American eagle and banana republic has slashed 40% off their entire store. Kmart has 50% off jammies and robes. From cozy and warm, let's move over to hot gifts. At toys "r" us, they're offering a buy one get one 30% off deal on video games. For the dudes and the handy ladies, sears has $90 off one of their most popular tool sets. Lowe's has 20% off vacuums and small appliances, including the ever-coveted kitchenaid mixer. I want that. A big trend I'm seeing is bundling. Like this single-serve coffeemaker for $149, bundled with a $30 gift card from target ditto, the nook simple touch at $119, with a $20 gift card. Walmart has the best deals this weekend on apple gear. The ipad 3 is $399 plus a $30 gift card. And they have the iphone 5 for $75 off. Final tips, if you want to avoid the hordes of humanity who are shopping this weekend, many stores are open late. And some all night. Macy's will be open in many locations from this morning, all the way through christmas eve. Same deal with toys "r" us. Open continuously 10/24. And many walmarts open 24 hours will continue to be so, until 6:00 or 8:00 p.M. On christmas eve. There's plenty of time to shop.

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{"id":18034639,"title":"Holiday Shopping: Last-Minute Deals","duration":"2:14","description":"There are still great deals available just days before Christmas.","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-shopping-minute-deals-toys-us-wal-mart-18034639","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}