Are Hormones Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

Losing weight can depend on what time you eat.
5:11 | 07/26/13

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Transcript for Are Hormones Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?
Ever wonder why Thanksgiving meals and cut calories but never -- this -- -- -- weight loss secrets coming up. -- feeling -- -- a lack of will power when you are not winning the battle of the bulge but the secret could be and balancing your hormones. Here to tell us -- how to give ourselves some hunger hormone make over is Marjorie -- count national spokesperson for the academy of nutrition. And -- headaches and author. Belly fat -- how are you nice to see -- fifty so this is so interesting to me it's all about your hormones and at least they play a big role. In maintaining a healthy body weight. More -- are at the -- Miller is in our body they are the controls and a and we now know that hormones play a role in not only -- but our inability to lose weight once were already overweight or obese. So let's talk about the two hormones that are kind of responsible. One for making you feel hungry and one for making you feel safe she -- at -- and the first one is the one that makes you feel hungry and it's called chorale and yes how to -- -- work. -- -- works on a schedule that we can predict but we can't control. And it's secretive by special cells in the lining of -- stunning and it's also is created in -- certain areas of our brain that control metabolism. Thirst hunger as well is a part of our brain called the men's room and that it rewards system pathway so -- can McClellan reduction. Right right -- grounding is really interesting in that there's no way to shut it off the only way to shut it often -- -- down is actually eat. So it starts by eating on grueling schedule not necessarily your schedule. We know through science and in research -- -- peaks about three times a day at 8 AM 12 PM 6 PM and then there's a smaller peak around 3 PM. Which coincides perfectly with. The evolutionary times of meals what are Cleland suppressing -- lean beef 95 or more percent fat free. As well is nonfat plain Greek yogurt that's low in sugar and high -- teen. And white fish also is a very gremlins pressing proves we can -- a lot of it for a little bit of calories -- you're really looking for. Foods that that sort of placate the ground when they aren't exactly speaking in terms of the carbohydrate. Category we -- team for. Lentils or beans sweet -- is and rolled -- those are also growing very grow and suppressing foods because they're high in fiber in -- high in. And -- component colds resistant starch. Resistant starch is on something that we're just starting to recognize in the food industry. And actually it's a -- but it functions like. Fiber in that it slows down digestion helps us feel full longer and those are just some of them really. Highly Garland suppressing. Let's talk about left to not -- -- upon amount that tells you thanks -- actually leptin is produced cannot fat cells. And win that someone is at a healthy weight -- -- and leptin is balanced perfectly think of this cease all that's that strayed across. What happens when someone -- -- and becomes overweight. They have a lot of fat cells right so naturally you would think well if I have a lot of fat cells are producing a lot of -- and therefore I should always feel full. The problem is when we are become overweight our body actually becomes leptin resistant. OK so you say that you can actually reset your -- Allen which is that hunger hormones. And and and lose weight and even three days -- reset it. Well let's start by eating on -- -- schedule it's also really important to drink enough water -- always preaching drink more water when you're trying to lose weight we'll thirst and hunger are easily confused. We also want to make sure that were eating those -- suppressing foods. And the other key element is making sure that you don't exercise too much when you exercise too much which is something that I -- often with people wanting to lose weight they hit the gym thinking it's gonna help by doing a lot of Carpio. When actually exercising too much. Sends a starvation signal to this -- producing cells and it makes you wanna eat more -- actually stimulates more ground in. Production when you say don't over exercise what does that -- It means cut back on the car radio resistance training. Focusing on muscle growth and muscle repair is the most important thing because that's actually been -- stimulate and a metabolic process which ultimately. It will be easier for people to maintain a healthy body laying the ground -- -- in balance was really only discovered within the past six to seven years so it's only now that were able to apply to real life until now it's only been information that scientists have known about. Marginal income thank you so much is so interesting thinking and hopefully we'll help a lot of people on -- thank you for watching. You can see all the episodes of -- take on ABC news upcoming IO. And learn more about my show at Katie current dot com. We'll see you next time.

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{"id":19782239,"title":"Are Hormones Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?","duration":"5:11","description":"Losing weight can depend on what time you eat.","url":"/GMA/video/hormones-sabotaging-weight-loss-19782239","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}