'The Host' Actress Is a 'Sci-Fi Geek' in Real Life

Diane Kruger reveals what she wore to Comic-Con, and what she likes about "The Host" storyline.
3:53 | 03/28/13

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Transcript for 'The Host' Actress Is a 'Sci-Fi Geek' in Real Life
theaters called "the host." It's all about love and loss in a world invaded by aliens and we're so happy to have one of the stars, diane kruger with us. Her job is to hunt down humans. Here's a look. I'm lucky they survived as long as they did. I do have some good news. Your identification of jared howell has helped. There was a sighting. I am confident we will find him. No! I want to talk to you about the sprays, I want to talk to you about the outfits. We have a lot to discuss. Let's talk about what drew you to this project. Well, stephenie meyer and loved "twilight." It was totally team edward so, you know -- mtoo, by the way. Were you? So it's always fun. I love her movies and andrew, our director was one of my favorite directors. I love a good sci-fi film. He did "gattaca" and I can feel it a little bit in this. Aesthetically he has a strong vision. Specifically the car and the clothes. Aliens wearing all white and driving hot lotuses. Yeah, me and the biebs. Of course. Is it true you're a bit of a sci-fi -- you call yourself a geek. I love it. I went to comic-con and walked the grounds with a darth vader mask. Coolest thing ever. Did you get photographed or did you love darth vader. A little bit of both but there's a picture of me and like, you know, wonder woman in drag. It's awesome. That's great. In the movie you saw in that clip a spray. It's really interesting, the aliens don't only bring negative, in fact, they have this spray that makes you tell the truth that can bring lots of good feelings. Uh-huh. I like that concept. I do too. It would come in handy for boyfriends, wouldn't it? A little truth action. Truth spray. What do you think of aliens because it really is a provoking film and what's your position? Well, aliens, I don't know. This particular film, what i liked about it is they actually perfected our world. No more wars, no more pollution, so, you know, who's really the bad guy? Us humans or the aliens? Right. Yeah. That's what I mean. Makes you think. Exactly. How has it been with "twilight" fans? Are you in that world now? You know, I didn't quite realize what a devoted fan base stephenie has and thousands of people showed up and it's actually really neat because i don't make teenage films so i got asked out on a date. You know, I got -- I'm totally ready for teenage boys. Oh, good. Enjoy every minute. I would be remiss if I didn't talk to you about your clothes because honestly you're consistently one of the most beautiful on every red carpet every time I see you. I love the fact that you're a real girl and you like what i do, j. Crew and forever . Do you use a stylist or is it all you? I don't. I find that concept a little strange. I don't, you know -- someone else picking out clothes for you is weird. When you go out, what's your idea of a great look? How do you put it together? What's your concept? I don't know. I feel like I tend to be really classic, you know, I feel like i wear the same clothes all the time, you know. I don't find -- don't think about it that much really. And you don't have to spend a lot of money. No, you don't. For sure. You show us time and time go and I'm excited for you for this film and a lot of other great things coming up. I'll start a show for fx called "the bridge" start airing in july. Excited. Always good to see you, diane. Everybody check out "the host." It hopes tomorrow nationwide and it is good.

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{"id":18830315,"title":"'The Host' Actress Is a 'Sci-Fi Geek' in Real Life","duration":"3:53","description":"Diane Kruger reveals what she wore to Comic-Con, and what she likes about \"The Host\" storyline.","url":"/GMA/video/host-actress-diane-kruger-previews-movie-sci-fi-18830315","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}