Hot New Spring Fashion Trends

Marshall's style expert Alison Deyette outlines the fashions of the season.
1:47 | 03/28/13

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Transcript for Hot New Spring Fashion Trends
I'm style expert -- -- and for Marshall of strange here within the Arab League he's happy it's time for dating and are you going to -- Southwest -- that Kelly is always don't overdo it on the first date. That means she'll fall off keep it fun at clarity and eminent and better than color hair and a which are really pretty eating half a soft -- right. Beautiful color. This is a date date activities killing your -- to -- -- Pulling going up to -- to keep this ball. But again the spot and right on trend with this gorgeous soaring eight inch color with the Coca got hot and vote -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That -- your Bonnie that state well I don't sweat. Now -- dating pearl while coming out to pat -- hardy. And really rate dinner that's when you pull out address. Gorgeous again right on trend with black and white it's crisp clean and fresh. The latest deeds now telling you need -- had a pair of heels. King of accessories so that's the simplest way that's disaster -- -- out. Think frankly I love a girl in the heels of -- this deep -- the -- -- And lastly ladies and we carry our lives in our backs that tote bag cost quite -- everything we just loved everything around but when it comes to dating. Narrow it down here essential. Harry a clutch again this is really gorgeous the sorbet colored -- -- white leather. He didn't put it underneath your -- want to keep this what okay. --

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{"id":18836541,"title":"Hot New Spring Fashion Trends","duration":"1:47","description":"Marshall's style expert Alison Deyette outlines the fashions of the season.","url":"/GMA/video/hot-spring-fashion-trends-18836541","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}