Hottest Outdoor Looks for Less

Kate Dimmock puts together three stylish looks at great savings.
3:00 | 01/15/14

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Transcript for Hottest Outdoor Looks for Less
here we go, trying to save or splurge, people style watchers pulled together three of the hottest styles. Kate dimmock is here to see if we can figure out which is a save, which is the splurge. We want to hear about the saves. I know you do. All great coats. Sometimes -- coats are something you wear every day. Sometimes you want to make an investment. Sometimes you just want to get on a cute trend. So cold all over the country and a lot of places are having sales right now so a great time to know about what trends are really hot and no one knows better than you. Let's begin with our first look. Now, this is such a great -- I love it. On the weekend, you could dress it up or wear it with a little black dress and booties. A great, great look, right? I like the cinched waist. A little fur around the hood and -- I mean, I do love my big boubl coat -- this is a little sleeker look. Okay. So, lara, what are you thinking? One is almost $800 and one is a mere 75. I love them both but that has got to be the expensive one. You know, you can't fool this lady. All right, go ahead. There you go. I mean, the one you picked is from sam and our friend from old navy is almost 75. All right. Hey, will you turn around? That is really cute. Pretty cute. Terrific. Thanks, ladies. Our next look is my favorite color, red. There you go. And the red could be considered a neutral. Exactly. If you already have a neutral colored coat this is a great choice, red actually goes with everything. Mixes well with every other neutral and I think there's nothing better on a gray day than a pop of color with your coat? Yeah, okay, so we have two coats here and the trend is -- kind of peacoat even though it's not double breasted. One is very expensive. Yeah, one is, again, about 750 and the other coat is about -- is a little over 150. Oh, gosh. I can't tell. I really can't tell on this one. This is the expensive one. Well, you can't get every one right, lahry. Oh, no. Really? Wow. Look at the detail. There we go. 154. I'm shocked. Walter baker. The other is karl layinger feld exclusively for -- wow. If you feel like investing. Thanks, ladies. All right. So I'm -- okay, here law of averages I have to nail this one. So this is faux fur but cruelty free. It looks so good designers are jumping on the bandwagon making great, even luxurious coats with faux fur so this is a look I absolutely adore. So great for evening. If for evening but you couldn't really wear this during the day, could you? With jeans and like a cute -- it's kind of really cute and chic. One is a -- one is a splurge and one is a save. I'll say this is the splurge. Okay. Next segment. Next time. That is shockwave.Com and the other is michael, michael coors and that's only 250. Can I touch you? This one really looks like -- to me. These are both great. I'm obsessed with the michael michael kors. It's faux fur and we thank you and kate dimmock, great trends and for more on all the items in the looks that we just showed you go to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Maybe you'll be right. We'll be right back. ]

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{"id":21540406,"title":"Hottest Outdoor Looks for Less","duration":"3:00","description":"Kate Dimmock puts together three stylish looks at great savings.","url":"/GMA/video/hottest-outdoor-21540406","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}