Houston Astros win a spot in the 2017 World Series

The Astros will face off against the Los Angeles Dodgers for the title starting on Tuesday.
3:14 | 10/22/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Houston Astros win a spot in the 2017 World Series
Wanna start with a big sports story breaking overnight use in Astros popping champagne in the locker room late last night after beating me. Yankees and securing a spot in the 2017 World Series it was a sad sight no doubt for Robin Robin. Our president yankees fans but hard to Nazi deny that this is an emotional victory for a city that has had a how rough. Right this year with hurt in heart it really has the Houston Astros will now face off. Against the LA Dodgers in the World Series which starts on Tuesday and we are lucky enough to have ESPN's Tony really right here covering it all. Are you just into Tony never eggs. Exhausted yeah. Good morning guys Houston yet something this celebrates and how great is that the say that one of the best teams in baseball all season long. Well when the back was against the wall they were staring down baseball royalty. The Astros showed their medal. Juice and we. We have a then it's the pass through advancing to the World Series for only the second time the fifth in six years it. In game seven at home against the New York Yankees clinched the American League champions. Being started off promising for the Yankees on the defensive end with his impressive leaping catch by every judge that rob Julie who real for the home early on. Game seven. Starting things off for the Astros in the fourth inning was Debbie Gaddis who not what out of the Clark. After a tough it back against Yankee veterans and since about. Yeah. Astros Alex Bregman showing off his defensive prowess in the scoreless fifth throwing out Greg bird at home all of a good infield ground ball. Thought it was supposed sale to evaluate a monster shot to fit that got things rolling for the yes. Setting the stage for Brian McCann who delivers for the Astros with a base nearly double. Put them up for nothing. A one sided show for the fans of using less that as their boys move onto the big days. In search of their first Major League champ. Very good business draw and yet another yeah. Who stopped while those bottles of champagne and celebrate. And there are those Steve mess that's the preferred line of defense from champagne in the eyes as rob knows stand Don with Alice Cooper said when you're in oh yeah in the four BT now let it grab I had the Astros go into the World Series and we see your on receiver long night. I didn't think that's going to be all right you've got a lot of World Series that the leaned back on overtime. That and that's not tightly. And now we all got valued at a lot of promise going to they're very young and the very full potential the Astros over the worst team in baseball. Five years ago and now. If a chance we don't. And so great for the city don't let it really isn't there only lot of money and their time some of their players there race Justin Verlander who has only been on the team for a month is giving up his entire. Post season's salary while we colder forty five's once upon time remember that that is correct yes. Always great to have you with us thanks Mary much.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"The Astros will face off against the Los Angeles Dodgers for the title starting on Tuesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50642034","title":"Houston Astros win a spot in the 2017 World Series","url":"/GMA/video/houston-astros-defeat-york-yankees-win-spot-2017-50642034"}