Hugo Chavez Dead: Venezuelans Mourn President

Interim President Maduro claims Chavez was poisoned by foreign elements.
1:33 | 03/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hugo Chavez Dead: Venezuelans Mourn President
Including the news we had from venezuela. Good morning to all of you. We begin with the death of hugo. The unpredictable president of venezuela. Could have a majorism packet here in the united states after all he controlled more oil reserves than saudi arabia. Abc's matt gutman is in venezuela this morning. Reporter: Overnight thousands gathered in venezuela's capital to mourn the only leader many here have ever known. This morning, this country, the fourth largest provider of oil to the u.S., Is in political flux. Late tuesday chavez's hand picked successor interim president nicola maduro expelled two attaches from the country accusing them of trying to destabilize the army. Before tearfully announcing the death of the 58-year-old socialist leader. Reporter: In a rambling speech maduro hinted that chavez who suffered from ang undisclosed type of cancer had been poisoned by foreign elements including the u.S. An asstion the state department is calling absurd. They hoped the death would soothe 14 years of tension with the venezuelan government. Before his illness forced him from the world stage, chavez had become notorious for his bluster. You are a donkey, mr. Bush. Reporter: President george w. Bush was one of his favorite targets. Yesterday, the devil came here. Abc's matt gutman in caracas.

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{"id":18664734,"title":"Hugo Chavez Dead: Venezuelans Mourn President","duration":"1:33","description":"Interim President Maduro claims Chavez was poisoned by foreign elements.","url":"/GMA/video/hugo-chavez-dead-venezuelans-mourn-president-reportedly-dying-18664734","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}