Flooding Across US as Tropical Storm Eyes Hawaii

Rain shut down Philadelphia International Airport while dangerous flash floods strike in the West.
1:47 | 07/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Flooding Across US as Tropical Storm Eyes Hawaii
more than 20 years but back on the maybeland all this flash flooding. Folks in philadelphia, new jersey, all the way to pennsylvania never thought they would beat the rain totals in hurricane floyd. Since then they haven't either and in one line of storms that continually pounded that area 8 inches of rain so slammed that record. These are the pictures and we're just seeing some of them coming out of the area because of that and these are the totals. A lot of that, that big eight-inch number. 7 1/2 inches came from 4:00 in 7:00 in the evening so in one big hit, very heavy rain and lots of consequences. In a frightening afternoon battle between a bus and flash flooding, the water wins. Look at these from dolan springs, arizona. A tour bus carrying 3 from the grand canyon to vegas, the bus swept 300 yards on its side in a torrent of rain and mud. Some areas of the southwest hammered with almost 2 inches of rain in just 15 minutes. The water levels rose and started pushing the bus down the wash. Basically it overturned. Remarkably, everyone on board managed to crawl out the windows safely. On the east coast, sudden surges of rain inundating north carolina roads over the weekend. Whenever I woke up I could only see the top of the car and I was like, oh, my god. Reporter: And in philadelphia, a new record. More than 8 inches of rain falling in a day smashing the rainfall record from tpical storm floyd. Operations at philadelphia international airport came to a grinding halt when the power went out paralyzing air traffic for several hours. Meanwhile, in nearby new jersey, the heavy rain leading to blinding conditions, cars stuck in knee-deep water for hours.

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{"id":19800582,"title":"Flooding Across US as Tropical Storm Eyes Hawaii","duration":"1:47","description":"Rain shut down Philadelphia International Airport while dangerous flash floods strike in the West.","url":"/GMA/video/hurricane-season-2013-flooding-us-tropical-storm-eyes-19800582","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}