Idaho Fires Threaten Multimillion-Dollar Homes

Resort communities where some celebrities have homes are in the path of wildfires.
3:10 | 08/19/13

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Transcript for Idaho Fires Threaten Multimillion-Dollar Homes
Talking about fire world which sounds a lot nicer than they are. Yeah, because folks come up with names like firenado, swirls of fire that come up in the middle of these flames. Terrible fire season with a drought that covers most of the west then these lightning storms that touch off those fires that burn so hot they can take 30,000 acres down in one day. We've got hundreds of thousands of acres burning in the west. This is just one of the latest pictures of the swirl, that whirl of fire off to the side sitting on the side of a mountain. Again, creates its own environment, creates its own winds and heat feeds on itself and just runs completely out of control. Look how many fires are burning, 35 large uncontained fires are burning in the west right now. Idaho is kind of the heart of this where the drought has been and the heat has been and will continue. Our aditi roy is in ketchum this morning with some of those pictures. Good morning, aditi. Reporter: Good morning, sam. We are about five miles from the fire. The air is thick and smoky here and there's a massive show of manpower and equipment including these national guard troops here with their armored humvees to make sure people stay out of the evacuated areas. This morning an all-out attack to stop a blaze that's already ravaged more than 100,000 acres now lapping at the edges of two major resorts. The streets of sun valley in ketchum, idaho, blanketed with smoke. Firefighters doing everything from clearing vegetation to turning on the fake snowmaking water cannons all to target a threat described as "a giant pacman with its mouth open." It's been a shock to get evacuated. It's kind of wait and see what happens. Reporter: This morning nearly 2300 homes have been evacuated. Nearly 7400 more at risk. Among them, some of the most expensive real estate in the west. Multimillion dollar mansions owned by hollywood celebrities. Bruce willis' 8,000-square-foot vacation home is now less than a mile away from the fire zone. Fellow action star arnold schwarzenegger owns a mul multimillion dollar estate six miles from the fire line. One of the things we are concerned about is people wanting to stay home and protect their own home if the fire should reach it. Reporter: This businesses are also hurting one after another closed in this ritzy resort town as people flee thick clouds of smoke. Most focus on keeping everyone safe and just that this will pass in time. Reporter: Right now the fire is 8% contained. What firefighters are fighting against, hot, dry conditions that make debris like this brittle tree branch easy fuel. Sam. Yeah, aditi, the other thing is that smell. You never get rid of that. Incredibly acrid burring smell in the air all the time and covers you everywhere. The idea here is that firefighters will try to get ahold of this fire. Looks like they won't get anywhere near containment until the end of this month or the beginnin next month. There are showers in the west but more to the south. These numbers, you can see them, boise getting 95 again today. Are not going to offer much relief at all.

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{"id":19998526,"title":"Idaho Fires Threaten Multimillion-Dollar Homes","duration":"3:10","description":"Resort communities where some celebrities have homes are in the path of wildfires.","url":"/GMA/video/idaho-fires-threaten-multimillion-dollar-homes-19998526","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}