Iditarod Race 2013: Missing Sled Dog Found

John Schriffen takes a look at the dog's survival story.
2:39 | 03/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Iditarod Race 2013: Missing Sled Dog Found
We have a wonderful story this morning about a sled dog named meg. She went m.I.A. Slipping away from the iditarod race and triggering a frantic search. The 35067 always bolted when anyone got close. In the immortal of josh elliott, everyone is okay. John schriffen is here. Good words to live by. If you're not familiar, the iditarod dogs are more like marathon runners trained to travel long distances but the last week and a half for may, 9-year-old veteran the race has been a harrowing journey. The iditarod is one of the most grueling races in the world. To have the best team possible, jamaican musher newton marshall was loaned may, a strong lead dog to guide the sled through the snow and frigid conditions. The guy I used to work with said you're going to use my dog and I said, come on. Reporter: But just days in the up to two-week race fmarshall got into trouble. I tugged on the harness and was excited and jumped hard enough and got loose. Reporter: Marshall says he searched for seven hours, but couldn't go very far because he had to take care of his 1 other dogs. I was just very nervous and frightened. I lost my dog. It's believe may took off to the next check point in nikolai and back to rohn, through the treacherous rainy pass and spotted several times away and nearly 400 miles and seven days later finally caught only 40 miles from where the race started and nearly 50 miles from where she livesh her owners anna bondarenko and jim landreau. She's determined. Reporter: How did may survive in the wilderness on her own? Even if they don't have water they can eat snow. The frail pooch was found on the trail and handed over to the owner's neighbor stan smith who's pampering her paws until anna and jim return home. It's beyond a miracle she survived this. Pretty great story. Because she took off her team had to withdraw from the race and the happy and emotional reunion with her owners will take place tomorrow. She's like, what did I miss? All right, john, thanks.

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{"id":18744782,"title":"Iditarod Race 2013: Missing Sled Dog Found","duration":"2:39","description":"John Schriffen takes a look at the dog's survival story.","url":"/GMA/video/iditarod-race-2013-missing-sled-dog-found-18744782","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}