Improve This: How to Accent Walls With Paint

HGTV design expert Taniya Nayak has the tips for how to bring out the beauty in your home.
3:29 | 07/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Improve This: How to Accent Walls With Paint
This morning we have great DIY tips for creating fun accent walls with paint. It's all about paint today and here to show us how is Tanya nayak. Design ex-territory pore hg-tv and the food network. Welcome to "Good morning America." Thank you. I'm loving the ombre wall. I love it on hair and fashion. Why not do it on a wall? This is so easy. Actually four separate colors of paint and a tip to make it easy easier, take your strip and pick four colors in a row. Sort of blipdzs. The question that I have and I can see it up close is how do you do it so that it doesn't look like sort of stop point. You want to go in sections so you don't want to paint four stripes on the wall. Start off with a darkest first and work your way lighter and vice Ver si and blend, blend, blend until you get a nice flawless look. One of the suggestions is to use a rag so that you can sort of blend this way so you start -- I would start with the lightest and then maybe do the rag and -- Yeah. And darker and darker and I love the idea using the strip. One strip is the way to go. Love that and for a kids' room, pretty sophisticated and would look great in a dining room or -- Perfect accent room. This is the wavy stripe wall. This is something I'm obsessed with. Shape tape so while it looks super complicated it's tape. It is. Pull that off. That's awesome. See, isn't that so cool. I use it a ton and paint floors a lot and painters tape. Lots of different kinds too and make sure you know which kind you want to use. I didn't know you could get it with designs. They have it in a Chevron. I knew you'd like that one. I usually draw it. That's -- I never had more respect for Charlie brown and his shirt And measurements and taping, it's a lot of work but makes it -- Just so you know if you want to try a striped wall you can kind of be a little messy because this makes it perfect. Kind of foolproof of I like this color combination. Is there a certain kind of paint you like for this. So I like to mix up the finishes and do a matte and glossy if you're going to doctor stripes, a little more detail so we did some of both. A great texture and finally you know the pallets you know signed your grocery store. We don't recommend stealing them. Please ask. Please ask the local retailer. They'll give them to you. They don't want them a lot of types. Do ask but these have been transformed as you can see into a wonderful accent wall. Tell us about this. This is great for outdoors. It's very inexpensive. Most of the time it's free and have a living wall. Whatever you want. I love the idea of either stacking them, I know you were thinking even a trellis would be a nice idea. Do this with ivy in and out of it. We use -- this is a great product and look for these in your local home improvement store. Indoor/outdoor paint, primer and paint, one stop shopping so to speak and do a wall if you don't want to go all the way up do a ledge and then put plants on the top so it's a great way to create depth and texture and, again, get these for next to nothing or even for free. Look how gorgeous it is. It's fun. It's easy, accent walls are cheap and -- Yep. And paint is easy and fun. What an easy way to transform the look of a room. Taniya, we thank you and hd-tv and you need to head to our website if interested. on Yahoo! For Taniya's tips. A major food bonus.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"HGTV design expert Taniya Nayak has the tips for how to bring out the beauty in your home. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24675934","title":"Improve This: How to Accent Walls With Paint","url":"/GMA/video/improve-accent-walls-paint-24675934"}