'Improve This' Quiz Game Tests Home Improvement Know-How

The ladies of "GMA" compete to find out who has the best DIY knowledge.
4:54 | 05/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Improve This' Quiz Game Tests Home Improvement Know-How
I'm excited for an all-new edition of "Improve this" brought to you by Lowe's. Today, it is drills and thrills. This is a brand-new game show, where we test the knowledge of the "Gma" ladies on the tools every woman should have, for a quick repair or AÑi little redo. Joining me is Jason Cameron, from HGTV's "Sledgehammer" out this summer. He's going to give us know-how along the way. Let's meet our contestants, shall we? I'm going to start in the middle, with miss Amy robach. Don't I call Amy the driveway diva for nothing. She installed her own driveway. I'm not kidding you. Is that serious? Dead-serious. Indeed, it happened. Sara Haines, handy and dandy. I like that. We watched her recently at the indy 500 change a tire in six seconds. That's awesome. It didn't go well. And ginger zee was once a roofer. That's true. I did. I roofed one house. That's enough. The "Drills & thrills" team will show you the cools for each question. Please welcome Adam, Vince and Robbie. Oh. So, ladies, buzz if you think you have the correct answer. And wait until you it's finished. The first question, has to do with your nine-inch torpedo level. A trusty gadget everyone should have in that tool box. What is it used for? Hanging pictures, planting flowers or building a flight stand? "A," hanging pictures. That is correct. Yes. G., taking an early lead. Please bring out the 12-in-1 multitool. It can be used for many tasks. But which of the following can that tool not do? Cut tags off clothing. Open a wine bottle or unlock your iPad. Amy? Unlock your iPad. Robach coming back quickly. A stud finder helps you do which of the following things. Find hot guys in your neighborhood. Measure window frames or where to put in a nail. Lara Spencer is a stud finder. That is not. Go ahead. Amy? "C," where to put a nail. Is that correct? That's correct. Quickly, what is a stud finder. A stud finder is finding a stud. Finding a stud in the wall. We have a lot of them here. Or they're in the wall. In the wall. Out of the wall. Just a stud finder. Another tool with multiple uses on display right now, our 13-in-1 doubleñr drive screwdriver. How many bits are in the double-drive screwdriver? "C" 26. Ginger? 13. I'm sorry, ladies. The correct answer is 12. Please, explain why. There is -- it is 1 tool. But it contains 12 bits. It was a trick. I was trying to give you a clue. You need to give me a better clue. Jason, here we go. Help us with this one. These are tools that every lady should know about and have in their tool box. This is a seven-inch pry bar. The question is, what would you use it for? Painting a floor. Remove a wall picture. Or "C," San blasting a room. "B" remove a wall fixture. And said with confidence, too. She was trash-talking before the segment. And finally, we're talking power tools now. This is the bonusñi question. This is my specialty area. Very handy. If this baby is out of charge, how long should you expect it to recharge? 30 minutes? 5 hours or all night? 5 hours. 30 minutes. Ginger zee. Very good comeback. Unfortunately, not enough, ginger zee, to take over the driveway diva, Amy robach. Do we have a prize? What do I win? It's bedazzled. Really? That's great. Winner. The golden tool belt, goes to miss Amy robach. She will wear that for the remainder of the show. And we'll have more tool tips from you at thank you. My pleasure. Congratulations. Our golden tool belt winner. And ginger zee. You have to wear that the

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"The ladies of \"GMA\" compete to find out who has the best DIY knowledge.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23894532","title":"'Improve This' Quiz Game Tests Home Improvement Know-How","url":"/GMA/video/improve-quiz-game-tests-home-improvement-23894532"}