Flooding Kills at Least 3 in Indiana, Missouri

Midwest floods swept away cars as rivers overflowed.
1:48 | 04/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Flooding Kills at Least 3 in Indiana, Missouri
Here at home, it's being called the worst flood in recorded history, in parts of the midwest. This hour they are bracing for more rain. Already so bad this flooding, that people in western michigan are seeing that, fish swimming by office windows. Ducks, as well. And abc's alex perez in eastern missouri, joins us from along the banks of the mississippi river. Alex, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, josh. This is supposed to be one of the main roads through town here in clarksville. The river is about 10 feet above flood level. And you can see, more rain here today. Flooding mayhem in the midwest. At least three people killed in indiana and missouri, after their cars were swept away in raging floodwaters. In clarksville, missouri, an army of volunteers racing to fill sandbags. Building a fortress around the town. There's so much work to be done. And there's not enough people to do it. We're faced with a real blow to our economy because businesses are already closed. And it will be a long time before we totally recover. Reporter: Flooding along the mississippi is causing massive problems. From illinois to iowa and further south in missouri, where more than 100 barges broke free in st. Louis, colliding with a bridge. In peoria, illinois, heavy rains caused landslides. Kayaks outnumbering cars on streets. And in indiana, 1 county saw 11 energy rescues in a single night. Across the area, frustrated residents are in disbelief. I've lived here all my life. I've never seen anything like this. Reporter: The frustrating part, they can't focus on the cleanup. More than an inch of rain expected from areas from oklahoma all the way up through michigan today.

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{"id":19020864,"title":"Flooding Kills at Least 3 in Indiana, Missouri","duration":"1:48","description":"Midwest floods swept away cars as rivers overflowed.","url":"/GMA/video/indiana-missouri-flooding-kills-sweep-cars-rivers-overflow-19020864","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}