Indianapolis 500 Celebrates 50 Years of Intense Racing

Famed race reaches half century milestone and continues to excite fans.
2:38 | 05/25/14

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Transcript for Indianapolis 500 Celebrates 50 Years of Intense Racing
We'll see that much later. Coming up this morning, always a huge highlight of this holiday weekend, the indy 500 and today, ABC marks a milestone a half century of covering this famous race and ABC's Sara Haines is at the speedway. We miss you back here in new York. I miss you guys so much. This much-anticipated race day is finally here, the 98th running of the Indianapolis 500. So many grew upcoming with their parents what's unique about indy the loyalties lie not only with the drivers but the event itself. The Indianapolis 500 is a race like no other. Top-notched celebs. It's like a small city out there. It's pretty impressive. Turning drivers into racing legends like 1969 winner Mario andretti. This place means so much to us. Reporter: Who keeps his passion on the track. Do you have ever get road rage because people are going so slow? Hold back. Reporter: Overnight, the place was bumping with andretti's annual party. This race lives most on its legacy. It's almost impossible to drink it all in. Reporter: Accelerated because of veterans like Jim Mckay. A.j. Foyt will win the Indianapolis 500. Reporter: Jim Mckay called the race for 18 years. Good afternoon. Reporter: Three-time winner dario franchitti is confident that one of his teammates will be savoring the victory. No matter who wins, the race is a special day for the loyal fans, racers and the ABC family for producing 50 years of magic. Okay, one really cool thing, I'm here right now with the car that first won the race for the first time ever and the first winner is kind of here, kind of here, his name was ray, he was going a whopping 74.95. We all drive that now on the interstates. You look great out there, Sara. Thank you. Much more from@< Sarah in the next half-hour on "Good morning America." Don't miss the indy 500 starting

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"Famed race reaches half century milestone and continues to excite fans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23860930","title":"Indianapolis 500 Celebrates 50 Years of Intense Racing","url":"/GMA/video/indianapolis-500-celebrates-50-years-intense-racing-23860930"}