Indianapolis Airport Auctions Lost and Found Items

Lara Spencer reports the latest news in the "GMA" Pop News Heat Index.
2:02 | 10/30/14

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Transcript for Indianapolis Airport Auctions Lost and Found Items
So, Taylor's coming up, but "Pop news," shall we? If you are looking far discount on a designer handbag perhaps, forget the sample Ales and check out the Indianapolis airport, my friends. I'm not suggesting thievery of any kind. They're auctioning off up to 2,000 lost and found items starting today. We're talking Louis vitton, sunglass sunglasses, perfect condition iPads, 16 pound bowling ball is being offered. Lots of jewelry and a native American head dress left in the airport. All these items left behind by forgetful travelers at the airport. Officials try to find the owners. If not claimed in 30 days, their loss could be your gain. What won't they sell? Denture. Thank you, Indianapolis airport. I feel better about that. The last auction was $240,000. It's this morning on key auks Is it sad to say I'd like the bowling ball of all the things you mentioned? I love to bowl. Me too. If you have dreamed of being a real estate mogul, now could be your chance. An entire town in Connecticut has been put on the market. It's about less than a two bedroom apartment in midtown Manhattan. The starting bid is $800,000. It comes with 62 acres of land, several 19th century homes, a general store and a chapel. There are no living residents there. The town has been vacant for 20 years. Looks like it's in good condition. Great condition, and as they say in the real estate business, it's a ren Vay ors dlagt. What's the catch? What are the taxes? Maybe that's the catch? A haunted town? There may be some residents of the spooky variety. Nothing has been proven.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"Lara Spencer reports the latest news in the \"GMA\" Pop News Heat Index.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26569078","title":"Indianapolis Airport Auctions Lost and Found Items","url":"/GMA/video/indianapolis-airport-auctions-lost-found-items-26569078"}