Inky the Octopus Escapes From National Aquarium of New Zealand

Inky escaped his tank when the lid was left ajar but luckily ended up in a drain hole that leads back to the ocean.
2:57 | 04/13/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inky the Octopus Escapes From National Aquarium of New Zealand
It is time now for the neck yes good finding enough. The had a big kind of a real life Finding Nemo a story on it didn't need no we're talking about an octopus this is comes. From a New Zealand aquarium this octopus ink he actually made it a break for it. He managed to squeeze his way out of his aquarium. Split across the floor at a fixed since drain pipe and get for the dream I believe. Yeah what they actually think Inky is now. Wandering freely in the Pacific Ocean the manager I think if you crede at aquariums says that the staff found the octopus tracks and that's haven't figured out exactly how he got up this track just strapped. We're here they say that the maintenance crew left the tank slightly ajar. And there are little offended and that they didn't even with a message and that's Heidi and he that's just so you know what not to Miss America. I not to let that making an escape to the king and their bodies are really big yeah but they can squeeze every pushy so they could sweep it really small spaces. Can you imagine thinking making all that progress getting out all the way to get wrangled by fishermen enough now Palomar high where he says they now now now. Thinking is having a party at the Pentagon you have partying or not they can't get my theory or break itself. I would you like. To have a part of this mansion it's in the LA area home leave it all green hills. Look at this it's beautiful ten beds to when he full bath some 30000. Square feet a ten car garage to fit some. Fifty cars in all. Any guesses on a price at present. 900 at a mill had once it's a 150 billion dollars and I'll just went on sale. It's beautiful it used to be clout it's on the property that partly catering hall it really kind of does. Barbara stars and once owned property on that lot. Okay how can cover it can flat out so bad. A ticket part of Iraq stated markets but that's not all like import. As a trio of Thackeray over the combination between. Acrobatics and Uga but if you let people doing now kind of candy if let me tell me though. Is it really setting trends right now that's she's been doing it all throughout her pregnancy care at all wow actually met. Doing Caprio that they teach it or she teaches at least they travel all over the world doing meant and she did it rafter and higher pregnancy. Some people are concerned that she says that she did consult your doctor doctors that as long as she feels comfortable. They can carry on to she's now inspiring women have an answer metal into the world back. Clearly everybody did discriminate and now. Are there involving the baby tips that he's not quite I don't evening I'm finished and fairly enjoys the acrobatic of that as well to return. That's true you are that's that's I won't elaborate. That will pull you back out there and if you're John am baby.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Inky escaped his tank when the lid was left ajar but luckily ended up in a drain hole that leads back to the ocean. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38355979","title":"Inky the Octopus Escapes From National Aquarium of New Zealand","url":"/GMA/video/inky-octopus-escapes-national-aquarium-zealand-38355979"}