Inside the growing trend of vasectomy parties

To lessen the anxiety around getting a vasectomy, some men gather at clinics for "brosectomies," or parties to celebrate undergoing the medical procedure.
3:07 | 09/18/17

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Transcript for Inside the growing trend of vasectomy parties
by this next story. It's called a brosectomy. Nick watt explains what that means. Take it away, Nick. Reporter: Good morning, George. Well, listen, around half a million American men every year get the snip, a vasectomy. Mildly or massively traumatic so welcome to the brosectomy. You do it with a buddy or a bunch of buddies. Is it a solution. We tagged along. These two chose robe, slippers, super posh pizza. Sports on TV and a suite at the aka in Beverly hills. It's a great diverse. Reporter: And they're ready. Snipping, bro'ing out. These office mates both have kids and don't want more. I'd rather do this with you than my wife to be honest. Seriously, look at each other like a little tear like a dog that was fixed. Reporter: Camaraderie is the idea. It's nearly time. Let's go. Who is going in first. We don't do it at the same time. It's not like a communal vasectomy. You got the key? I got the key. Dr. Paul will operate on their bits and pieces. It's fast, it's quick. It's played to jazz. It's eight minutes and I move like the wind. Reporter: It was the dashing doctor's idea. It came to me while surfing. I always go with somebody else. When you're in unsafe, uncomfortable situation it's nice to have a bro around. Astronauts don't go to space alone, right? Reporter: The doctor says men who get snipped with a buddy recover quickly. I track them every day and track painkiller use and they do better. Reporter: The first was 2013, college buddy on a reunion. They were more busy catching up than thinking Mr. Their procedure. Reporter: It's helping men get it done. My wife's been nagging me to do this for a long time. Now the truth comes out sflif's been sitting with my legs crossed for this entire interview. Partly I feel like I will be less of a man if I'm firing blanks. Is that common? That's the best contraceptive ever developed. You need to get over it. They did together. He lived. I was thinking of him the whole time because, oh, he's going to have to go through. I wasn't thinking about him. Reporter: Brosectomy, the aftermath, they chose a massage. You feel less masculine? No, he's doing great. Reporter: A vasectomy does not make your voice higher just to be clear. It means one thing and one thing only. Here's to firing blanks. Firing blanks. Why not. Cheers. Thank you. Now, the doctor says this should be used by dentists and other doctors where men feel weird and alone and the cost for this brosectomy, the doctor wouldn't even say, a lot is the most I could get out of him. George. Well, let's see if he sold it. Bob, Dave, pro-connect economy? Yeah, Dave and I are going to do it together. Get a little Orange juice. You want to come with us?

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"To lessen the anxiety around getting a vasectomy, some men gather at clinics for \"brosectomies,\" or parties to celebrate undergoing the medical procedure.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49920284","title":"Inside the growing trend of vasectomy parties ","url":"/GMA/video/inside-growing-trend-vasectomy-parties-49920284"}