Inside Powerball: Can You Beat the Odds?

ABC News' Susan Saulny examines the "strategies" people use to go for the jackpot.
2:19 | 08/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside Powerball: Can You Beat the Odds?
Well, jackpot fever is in the air this morning. Can you feel it? There are already long lines to buy powerball tickets as we count down tonight's $300 million drawing. That had us wondering. Is there a strategy for cashing in on this massive jackpot? Or is it just sheer luck? Susan saulny is looking into this at bethesda, maryland. Reporter: The answer for some people is ritual and superstition. And that goes a long way. Whether your numbers come from a meaningful place. Birthdays, of the people i love. Reporter: Or randomized computer. We did a quick pick. Reporter: Lottery officials and mathematicians say every powerball ticket has the same chance of winning. But that hasn't stopped aspiring millionaires from trying to crack a secret code. My mother's birth day. My girlfriend's birthday. My dog's birthday. All my favorite ladies in my life. Reporter:300 million waiting for a winner tonight, it's no surprise. I'm always superstitious about it. I prefer to buy at the gas station. Reporter: How about moving to a luckier place. Indiana holds the record for the most jackpots at 38. Pennsylvania, missouri, minnesota and kentucky round out the top five. But there's no magic. They've been playing the longest. California hasn't had any powerball jackpots. Unlucky? No. It just joined the game last year. Tomorrow's going to be my day. Reporter: Saturday night? Absolutely. Reporter: Might there be a lucky day of the week? 60% of winners bought their tickets on the day of the drawing. No luck there, either. Experts say sales spike on the day of the drawing, with a huge boost in the final hour of sales. The greatest debate, use lucky numbers or let the machine decide. Quick picks do pick the lion's share of the jackpots. But it's just the math. Close to 80% of all ticket buyers let the computer do the picking. So, no matter what you do, the odds are pretty stubborn. 1 in 175 million. You're likely to be struck by lightning or die in a shark attack than win the jackpot tonight. We can all still dream tonight.

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{"id":19860713,"title":"Inside Powerball: Can You Beat the Odds?","duration":"2:19","description":"ABC News' Susan Saulny examines the \"strategies\" people use to go for the jackpot.","url":"/GMA/video/inside-powerball-beat-odds-19860713","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}