Inspiring Go-Pro Video of Children at South African Orphanage

Chris Grava of Intsikelelo shares the company's important mission.
5:21 | 07/30/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inspiring Go-Pro Video of Children at South African Orphanage
Still love showing you some really good video we've got. Something that's very touching up next at this clip is so important to us because some go pro footage is gonna show you Brothers nick and Chris -- -- reuniting with children from an orphanage in Cape Town Africa. He didn't see them they're going and then -- and -- we're going to be talking. 21 of them here in a moment her -- just -- -- touching to see how it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and their reactions are just something so special. So touching than having actually had the opportunity to travel to South Africa an -- -- -- we'll hear from. It's sex and special plates and snow that such a special place played suspects. You know sadness inside that these people -- -- -- and travel and. And bring them a little delay and hoped it wouldn't. On the whole thing is just inspiring -- we want to say hello to Chris got who is over there have joining us via Skype. Talking about some of -- other work that you're doing right -- and you're going back overs in. We'll be heading back -- there in about a week now. And -- -- cellular initially got involves adding that we weren't learning that the woman who runs this particular orphanage is extra special. -- -- You know she's -- close political extra. And so what I did you -- initially sent to do this. You know -- did ask me. Its luster case. He didn't plan on -- out there -- -- visiting -- what's the song you're committed plus the Mexican -- there. I think -- you didn't think any other option not stay and help. Well and it. It's interesting at crest because we've seen with -- go pro cameras. -- -- isn't -- sheets with GMA that we also see them kindness and translate extreme sports on television press is reviewing it as a different PO DNN has. Point of view. But she doesn't use in such a unique way and so when that being said what has the response been like. And incorporating advanced -- in this capacity. I didn't bird the company is still in his view your. You know as heroic as his serve finger based on that it. I think they're better things happening now that first just seconds in front of us -- chairwoman splits actually. So light and from the year that you would -- afford to what you're seeing now what was the most striking changes at the orphanage. I mean it is it's if it's great people used to -- No it was -- Just the conditions. Now. You know there's still a lot of efforts donned Bavarian police the children are -- take care needs. So I -- students space -- very things going -- So it can you tell us can you tell us the meaning behind your organization's name and -- -- -- -- -- in Siegel a well. Good -- what is that what is the meaning behind that. Yeah that's I think those spurs didn't -- it's also the name the baby that they gave hit. You can disperse them. -- you can. And so now it's that it isn't perfect into the substance. Not a blessing for us and -- because you listen to on the -- And sent -- you're taking people to South Africa to experience as many as -- never had the opportunity to invest so. How are you hoping in addition to that allowing people to travel there. And how do you hope that this video in your organization. Can create a -- impacts. -- the -- to study awareness -- -- donations. To help fund -- Clinton for -- house -- senate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's and congratulate had a wonderful -- -- you tell us where people can go to help to donate your organization. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Go to our website secret -- up -- it. And they can also sees it strikes and you -- -- It's important you weren't on the pool and -- -- didn't -- its credit card and a report. Colin thank you -- that -- David here and you guys and I really gamble up with the story there are intern yesterday who made himself sick and one hour. But challenge that you're fine imposed but -- but he's here and that's his went. It with you both of you -- -- and it's it's nice to see you next yes do all the cute videos but this was important to you as well. And I was thrilled business and its market this orphanage to orphanage from outside of run Capetown. And I -- nick and his brother Chris and it's just great to see. All the work -- done since -- amazing can you repeat that -- -- people that donate just in case -- incumbent on us that -- and seek -- -- dot -- three condone or donating and others if there's various ways to donate and whichever way is best for you please -- -- he -- to grace us all right thank --

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{"id":24772207,"title":"Inspiring Go-Pro Video of Children at South African Orphanage","duration":"5:21","description":"Chris Grava of Intsikelelo shares the company's important mission. ","url":"/GMA/video/inspiring-pro-video-children-south-african-orphanage-24772207","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}