Iran Nuclear Negotiations Continue Past Initial Deadline

Officials are locked in marathon negotiations with the hope of reaching an agreement.
1:30 | 04/01/15

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Transcript for Iran Nuclear Negotiations Continue Past Initial Deadline
We turn to those nuclear talks with Iran. The leaders locked in marathon negotiations to keep Iran from creating a nuclear weapon and blew through a midnight deadline hoping another day of talks would seal the deal. Terry Moran is on the scene in Switzerland with the latest. Good morning, terry. Reporter: Good morning, George. The deadline came and went and some of the negotiation came and went, the French are gone and the Chinese said, narrow down the differences. That's what they' been trying to do and got chaotic before the deadline. We're hearing the American team were told directly by the white house, take a break. Don't do a deal under this kind of craziness. Get a good night of sleep and came back with a kind of solution that will move the goalpost a little closer at the end of the day, they claim, they will issue a statement of very general goals, no binding mechanism and will get back to negotiations on the hard stuff over the next three months until the next deadline. There is no deal or insight. Trying to buy time for more negotiations. What is the biggest sticking point in these talks right now? Reporter: Trust, George. That's really what it is. This is a complex negotiation. Very technical, a lot of moving pieces and the Americans compare it to a rubik's cube but really the United States doesn't trust Iran. Iran doesn't trust the united States. That's decades of distrust to overcome and it's hard. Okay, terry Moran, thanks very much. We know you'll be on point all day.

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{"duration":"1:30","description":"Officials are locked in marathon negotiations with the hope of reaching an agreement.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30042149","title":"Iran Nuclear Negotiations Continue Past Initial Deadline","url":"/GMA/video/iran-nuclear-negotiations-continue-past-initial-deadline-30042149"}